Hulu is a good online streaming service to watch movies, shows, TV series, etc. It has so many interesting shows to watch, you can watch your favorite shows on Hulu, but with few ads. So if you want to see ways to skip Hulu Ads on iPhone, Android, or on their website, then I’ll show you the best method to use. Hulu annoying ads will be blocked so there are no interruptions of ads while enjoying your shows. I have mentioned some easy ways to skip Hulu ads for free.

So how do you skip or Block Hulu Ads easily in 2020? To date Hulu Ads still interrupts users’ experience, though over the years the Ads frequency reduced, some users still sees them as a disturbance, so you can skip it easily. Why is Hulu still used? They offer so many Shows, Movies, TV series, and more, also it is owned by popular The Walt Disney Company and Comcast. Their cheap services draw a lot of attention around the world like India and the United States.

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Hulu allows users to block Ads when they pay for the full plan, this leaves the basic plan subscribers to face numerous advertising on the app or website. This means ads will be shown constantly while streaming, though some don’t see this as a problem, most don’t like an interruption of Ads within their videos, so they want to remove it once and for all.

So yes, there are several methods you can use to skip Hulu ads, it will be gone, I have listed some of the best methods you can use to skip Hulu ads easily.

Ways To Skip Hulu Ads on iPhone, Android

Here, I have shared 5 best methods that actually work, it will prevent Hulu Ads from constantly displaying on your videos, so relax and read on.

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1. Ad-Block

kip hulu ads

Ad-Block apps or extensions for the browser will help you skip Hulu ads, it will detect when an ad is about to be displayed and then removes the ads displayed by Hulu. This is the first method everyone tries on streaming services with many ads, so it should also work for you. This method works, but not all ads might be bypassed, the ad-blocker might think it is part of the TV show you are currently watching, so if that is the case for you, check out other ad-blockers available in the market.

2. Turn Off Internet

This might not be the best method, but it is worth a shot since it is able to skip Hulu Ads from displaying. Here’s an instance on how it works, a YouTube video shows ads maker on the video bar, so when it is about to reach the yellow bar where ads are usually displayed, if you turn off your internet, it will not be displayed, same goes to Hulu.

This method works properly when you have a stable internet connection, if it is stable it will be able to load the new content, so disabling the internet doesn’t stop your video streaming. Live shows will not be effective with this method because your video will surely stop playing.

3. Using Double Tabs

This is a bit similar to the first method, but this method 3 goes in-depth, it is kind of stressful for me, but many see this as the best alternative to other methods. So you can block Hulu ads using this method, follow below.

How does it work? First, you need to open the Hulu TV show on a web browser twice, so the second new tab you opened should be muted. Next fast forward to a few seconds before the first advertisement is displayed which makes it easier to identify the ads marked in a different color. So open the first tab and enjoy your streaming without ads interruption.

If you reach the commercial ads on the first tab, just mute it and move on to the second tab and continue your streaming. Keep repeating this step, make sure you always mute the tab which you left so it does not keep playing and disturbing your duplicated tab.

4. Hulu Page Reloading

If Hulu didn’t have long ads people will manage the short ads, sadly they offer extremely long ads that can last up to 3 minutes. Imagine this occurring 2 to 3 times per stream, which leaves you more than 15 minutes sitting or laying on your couches watch an advertisement. So to skip Hulu ads so it does not ruin your video experience, then you need to do this.

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When you face a long-duration ad, as the sub-heading says, just reload the page. This will skip the long Ad, leaving you with only the short ads which are just a few seconds duration.

5. Upgrade to Premium Plan

how to skip hulu ads

I know most might be here for a free method to skip Hulu ads, but I also assumed some might want to upgrade to a plan or looking for any working method, both paid or free. So if you want to learn about their Premium plan that removes ads completely, you can check out their site, but I have talked about it a little here.

So Hulu standard plan is $4 monthly which includes ads in videos, so if you upgrade to their $11.99 monthly plan, you get more features and no ads on videos. So if this is what you want, then you can purchase a premium plan so you enjoy your best TV Shows and movies without disturbances.


That’s all you need to know about the best methods working to help you skip Hulu ads while streaming your favorite shows. Out of all these methods, you will surely skip the ads, for a permanent solution you need to go with method 3, but if you can’t afford that, follow the previous working methods.

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If you have more methods to skip Hulu ads i might have missed on this post, share them in the comment sections below, it is open and I’ll also reply you.

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