What are the best screen recorder apps on iPhone that records with external and internal sound? There are varieties of iPhone screen recorder apps, but today we are going to see a few of these awesome apps you can use to record your iPhone screen in clear quality, sound and then upload on any social platforms like YouTube. iOS 13 also has an inbuilt iPhone 11 screen recorder, but there are not many features and enabling can be complicated, so the aforementioned 6 Best iPhone Screen Recording Apps will be worthwhile.

There are many reasons why you will need to record your phone screen, it could be that there is a fun social media video that you cannot download but need to save it on your device to show your friends or keep on your iPhone so you can re-watch it later or another scenario which is the case of 70% is for tutorial purposes which they need to upload the video on YouTube. Now whatever the case may be, you’ll need the best apps to record your iPhone screen because not all offer easy-to-use features and recommended options to make your recording fast.

A screens recorder app is meant to come with a pause and play feature, record audio with sounds, also it is meant to have a drawable screen effect that lets the user mark some part of the screen during tutorial without distracting the watchers. Now, these are basic features a quality screen recorder app for iPhone users. What then brought about a long list of screen recorder apps? Well, these apps have unique features that make them stand out from others, so they are easy while some are complicated, but I’ve made sure to arrange the list based on the best from first to the least.

Getting the Best iPhone screen recording apps is very difficult because the ones with the best features such as Az Screen recorder and Mobizen don’t have an app for iOS devices on the App Store. So this means we have to stick with the available screen recorder apps on iPhone we see on the Apple store. But we aren’t just making use of random screen recording apps on the store, but we are using the best featuring what we need, good reviews and downloads and compatible with many iOS versions.

Best Screen Recorder Apps on iPhone

So now we are here, the best iPhone screen recording apps that also records audio, both internal and external without crashes. I’ve also shared their official download links to the store, some might be free, while some paid, based on the developer’s choice, but we are sure to make use of the best we can find.

1. DU Recorder

Screen Recorder Apps iPhone Audio
DU Recorder

Surprisingly, DU Screen Recorder which is one of the best for Android made its way to the iOS stores. Without this app, some videos you see online will not have interesting music or will be incomplete. DU Recorder helps Merge Videos faster and doesn’t outrageously increase the video size, also you can edit video by adding text on videos, also trimming a section you don’t need, adding music and background images for portrait mode.

The Video resolution of this screen recorder app on iPhone allows you to choose a maximum of 1080p, you also get to choose the FPS you want, enable record audio, choose record location, hide the record window or shake the phone to record to avoid interruptions or distractions on your users when they are watching the video, shake iPhone to stop recording instead of bringing down the notification panel to do that, and draw on the screen after enabling the brush feature. There are a lot of features this app has, get it and enjoy your screen recording on your iPhone or iPad.

‎Screen Recorder °
‎Screen Recorder °
Developer: OCO Inc.
Price: Free+

2. Screen Recorder – AZ Recorder

Screen Recorder Apps
AZ Recorder

This is not the AZ Screen Recorder app we all know that is available for Android OS, rather this is a different iPhone screen recording app that is able to give you features you need to video your iPhone screen. There is a reason I mentioned this app as one of the best screen recorder apps on the iPhone, first of all, AZ Recorder is regularly updated and currently on version 3.0 which was released March 13th, 2020 as of the time you read this top list. Also, the app allows you to add reactions and commentary if you are fond of uploading tutorial videos or gameplay with reactions.

This app supports recording gameplays with their internal Audio and external audio, you can also import an existing video and then modify it using AZ Recorder on iPhone, there is a FaceCame option which displays your face on your video on a small window for those reacting to their videos, and when you are done recording your phone’s display screen, you can trim any part you don’t like which might include mistakes or might be cringy for others to see and once you are done, it can be shared anywhere with no restrictions such as Instagram, Facebook, and the likes.

‎Screen Recorder °
‎Screen Recorder °
Developer: OCO Inc.
Price: Free+

3. Screen Recorder Record Screen

Screen Recorder Apps iPhone
Screen Recorder Apps

Since we are listing the best screen recorder apps on iPhone which also accepts audio recording, this one had to be mentioned. This screen recording app is mainly for those who want to record their gameplay and upload on YouTube, in fact, this Screen Recorder Record Screen App has a thumbnail featuring PUBG game being recorded. With this app, you can record the internal sound of the game and disable the background sound coming from your surroundings, this means there will be no conflict on which audio is being heard.

Now the only part you might not like is that this app doesn’t allow you to record your screen and face simultaneously, rather, the facecam can only be added right after you’ve finished recording your iPhone or iPad screen. So you should know making a reaction video with this app is not possible as you would have been spoiled already, but this app works great for tutorial videos. But one tip this app keeps reminding you is that you can add your reaction video on an already existing video and then upload it to YouTube, so be sure to try that out.

4. Record.TV

Screen Recorder Apps iPhone

If you are still looking for other best screen recorder apps for iPhone then you need to download this 102MB app on your iPhone. The rating of this app on the AppStore isn’t that bad, it is 4.1 out of 5. Record.TV Screen recorder app which requires iOS 10.0 and up allows you to record your screen with just a click, during the recording, you will see the timer of how many hours or minutes you’ve recorded your iPhone screen. Just like other mentioned best screen recorder apps on iPhone, this one also features an audio commentary, it allows you to add video reactions of your recording for gaming purposes.

Not only does this app feature video trim and filters, but you can also share your recorded video anywhere without restrictions from the developers. Videos can be organized based on the category you choose such as a folder named – Screen and another named recorder, this makes it easy for you to access the recorded screen of apps so you can locate and edit them later. Most importantly, you can add caption on your recorded video, you can choose the time interval before a caption is shown, this is useful for tutorials.

5. TechSmith Capture

Screen Recorder Apps iPhone
TechSmith Capture

TechSmith Screen Recorder App on the iPhone is another good screen recording app that allows you to save recorded videos. This Apple App doesn’t have many features, but the basic ones you need at the right time such as recording your screen with just a click of a button, sharing recorded videos, saving them so they can be accessed later and also screenshot feature that is why I listed it amount iPhone Best screen recorder apps. Remember we are listing from the best, so the feature of this app can’t be compared to number 1 or number 3 on the list.

TechSmith iPhone screen recorder app doesn’t have great reviews, but overall it is 4.4 out of 5. The problem is that some users complained that registration is needed to make use of the app, while some said after recording no internal sound was saved. Now this could be due to bug on the app or their device not being compatible with older versions of the iPhone since this screen recorder app for iPhone supports iOS 13.4 and up, so have this in mind before downloading, but overall, it is a great app worth using.

‎TechSmith Capture
‎TechSmith Capture

6. Omlet Arcade

Screen Recorder Apps iOS
Omlet Arcade

The best screen recorder apps I’ve shared so far don’t have the standalone feature Omlet has. Omlet is mainly used by hardcore gamers, you are allowed to record your gaming experience as your friends watch your gameplay, you can squad up with friends, use the apps’ custom too ton improve the gameplay and most importantly, Omlet Livestream app fully supports PUBG Mobile, Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, e.t.c. You can share your gameplay to Omlet users or other platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, so this is practically an iPhone screen recording app.

There are in-app purchases in this app that unlocks more features, but you don’t really need to purchase it, rather you can get the features when your fans share your tokens what we call Omlet tokens. Omlet offers tournament games, you play with or against other players, record your screen and share it, works well on iOS devices. Ther is also an in-game voice chat for Livestreaming of your game screen, there is on-screen chat and more. I won’t go deep into these since we just need the screen recording feature.


These are the Best Screen Recorder Apps on iPhone that records your screen with sound for free. Using these apps you can draw on your screen as a tutorial, record internal or microphone sound, share your videos without watermarks and make reaction videos, the features are much. Apple store doesn’t have many cool screen recorder apps so that is why this top list isn’t long, I intended to make a list of 12, but as we can see, the start rating of some aren’t that great. Using the inbuilt iPhone screen recorder is the best option, but you can try this list for extra features.

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