iPhone comes with an in-built screen recording app that makes it easier for you to record your screen and save it on your device quickly. However, to screen record protected videos some apps prevent screen recording like WhatsApp view once for media, which results in a popup saying screen recording is not allowed, or Android ending up with a black screen.

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Android users have many options like Flag and taichi apps compared to iPhones that cannot side-load apps on their devices from other Appstore. So this will be pretty difficult to bypass screen recording detection on iPhone, but it is not impossible. We have provided a working method that works on bank apps, social media applications, and secret chats. Follow us, and let’s go through it.

Bypass Screen Record Protected Videos

#1. Try Popular Screen Recording Apps on Apple Store

There are many screen recording apps in Apple Store, and most of them have features to bypass screen record protected videos on iPhones. For example, Record it s able to prevent black screens on most social media apps when being viewed in secret mode. Here is a list of the 6 best screen recorder apps for iPhone.

#2. Use Another Device to Record

This is the most effective method to prevent blank screens when viewing a protected video on iPhone. How does this work? Before launching the view once media, simply take another phone and record your phone being used to view the media. There is no way your media will be affected on the second device which is an external source.

#3. Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring is quite similar to manually recording your smartphone. However, this can be done with a PC. So simply cast your device screen to your PC and record your PC screen. This way the video will be saved and will not be affected by a black screen.


These are some logical methods to bypass screen record protected videos on iPhone. Let us know which of the method worked seamlessly for you.

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