If your PC gets frozen sometimes and you had to force restart the Windows 10 computer, you can actually restart Windows Explorer.exe to fix the frozen computer. I do this all the time I face this issue when you restart Windows Explorer.exe, the computer refreshes and continues running well again.

Windows 10 can crash or freeze for many reasons, but this mostly occurs when you are using many resources on the PC, you could have many Chrome Windows open, or using a program that takes too much RAM. Restarting fixes the issue, but that is not the best method because you lose your unsaved work, but when you restart Windows Explorer.exe, you can still continue where you left off.

Windows Explorer or Explorer.exe is a system process that controls the GUI of programs and the Windows features like the taskbar, most part of File Explorer, notifications, Start menu, and more. It is a vital service of the Windows PC, and if you stop this process, your computer will crash. So we’ll make use of it to fix lags on your computer.

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So this simple method can fix Windows 10 lags & freezes without waiting for a full restart, the problem can still occur later, but this method takes no much time and it is the best and recommended.

How to Restart Windows Explorer?

Only a method is recommended to restart the Explorer.exe though you can also use the command prompt. But when the PC freezes, you can hardly use some programs, so you’ll need to use the Windows Task Manager.

Using Windows Task Manager

On your Windows 10 computer, you can see the Windows task manager when you right-click on the taskbar. It contains a lot of services from installed programs like Antivirus and also system services that shouldn’t be tampered with. So we’ll access it to restart Windows explorer.exe service.

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  1. Right-click on the taskbar or search for “task manager”.
Restart Windows Explorer
  1. Now select the task manager to see it’s options.
  2. Select processes or details and then right-click on “Windows Explorer”.
Restart Windows Explorer
  1. Now choose ‘restart’, and wait for a few seconds.
  2. So you’ll notice the taskbar being refreshed and it will fix the freeze of your pc.

This method can also help you recover hidden icons on the taskbar like the battery icon, wi-fi icon, and also other system icons like sound. It also helps fix windows file explorer issues as well, it can be a folder not renaming, etc.


So this is how to restart windows explorer.exe service on your windows 10 pc when it freezes and cannot operate on any software leaving you with the last resort to restart the pc. I hope this article has kept you informed and you can always apply this guide, please share and follow us on Facebook.

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