Finally, you will learn how to remove write protection from sd card USB drive quickly, why this error happens on some memory card, and how to know if your USB Pen Drive is write-protected. A Write Protected SD Card or to be specific, a Sony Pen Drive will allow you to read its content, but you will not be able to copy or send them out and in on the SD Card. This can be a serious problem because you won’t even be able to format a corrupted USB Drive or SD Card.

So how can you fix a write-protected flash drive Remove write protection from USB or sd card? Easy, there are few ways to do this, we’ll cover some easy means and also an advanced method. SD Card that is write-protected is hard to be unlocked so it can be written, so you will need to know there is no assurance this can work especially when it has been virus contacted, but don’t worry, or method works on 99.9% of SD Cards.

Even if your memory card is broken and lost it’s data, our tip also covers how to Recover Data from a Damaged Micro SD Card.

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Remove Write Protection on Micro Sd Card Sandisk (Sony Pen Drive)

Unexpectedly, you might find out your memory card is refusing to be formatted when it has corrupted, that is the worst thing you can face on any devices especially if it is an expensive and large memory card which cannot be gotten so easily.

Write protection switch might not be seen on the Micro/sd card making it almost impossible to be formatted by Windows or through command prompt (CMD).

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We are going to see how to remove write protection error on a USB memory card, so there is no need to panic thinking if you have lost your 256/128GB/ or 64GB SD Card/Pen USB Drive.

We have said enough, now it is time to make a move concerning how to get rid of write protection from SD Card.

How To Remove Write Protected SD Card/USB (Sony Pen Drive)

Method 1: Use Pen Drive Lock

Remove Write Protected SD Card
Remove Write Protected SD Card

Some USB Pendrive comes with a lock that prevents it from being written and formatted, so if yours have a lock, you can easily swipe it in the opposite direction, and then your write protected SD card can now be fully accessed on your device. So to know if your write protected micro/sd card has a lock and unlock feature, then you need to check for any sign of the option at the side. Now you can slide it, but if it doesn’t read on.

Method 2: Scan for Trojans and Malware

Remove Write Protected SD Card
Remove Write Protected SD Card

Likely, USB write protect error might be caused by an attack on the Micro/SD card, if an infected file was transferred to it, it will be unable to be used by your system and then it becomes a write-protected sd card, depending on the type of malware. So to fix this, scan the SD card for attacks and once the anti-virus has detected them, make sure you click resolve now so all infected files and media will be removed.

Method 3: Remove write Protected SD Card (System Registry)

Remove Write Protected SD Card
Remove Write Protected SD Card
  • Press Start and type Regedit.
  • Open Registry Editor and type the following path
  • On the write protected sd card selection option, double-tap it and set the value data to 0.
  • Close CMD and try to formate tour sd card again. It should work, but if it doesn’t don’t give up, we have one final method below.

Method 4: Open Diskpart Utility via CMD

  • Open Command Prompt (Press Win + R, and type CMD) press enter.
  • now type “diskpart” and press “Enter”
  • now type “list disk” and Press “Enter”
  • now select your USB drive, in my case I am select 2
  • but in your case, it’s maybe 1
  • now type “select disk 2”
  • now type “attributes disk” and Press “Enter”
  • now type “attributes disk clear readonly” and press “Enter”
  • now type “exit” and press “Enter”
  • Remove the USB drive and Reconnect USB Drive
  • Now you can Format Your USB Drive,

So this is how to format your micro sd card that is protected in 2021. We’ve discovered method 4 works more on most Pendrive, but if after all these methods it doesn’t work, we recommend getting a new one and also please make sure you don’t let the virus in to prevent such again.

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