Since the emergence of Facebook Reels in 2021/22 which provides short videos from users, the feature has gained massive usage across the platform. This section of the platform features entertainment, sports, funny videos (primarily dominant), dancing, animals and so much more. However, some audience, including you wants to remove reels from Facebook probably due to some annoying content, or for addiction reasons. We have shared a few ways you can avoid viewing Facebook reels on your Facebook App for mobile, or Facebook App for PC.

How to Disable / Remove Reels from Facebook

There are several methods to remove reels from Facebook which include but are not limited to; blocking reels, hiding reels, disabling, or possibly removing Facebook reels settings.

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#1. Use Facebook Lite App

Of course, the Facebook Lite app does not have the reels feature since this is a lite version of the main Facebook app. So this is a better option than installing any third-party app capable of stealing your user data, as some articles on the internet recommended. There are no reels features, we installed the latest version to confirm the testing that you can remove reels from Facebook Lite version of the social media app.

Steps to Remove Reels using Facebook Lite:

  • Head to your mobile store and search for “Facebook Lite”.
Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite
Price: Free
  • Install the app, it should be around 1 MB.
  • Log in to the app easily since you have Facebook already installed.
  • You can use the Lite app without reels, and the main app together.

#2. Use Facebook Old Version

The old version of Facebook does not have reels implemented on its app, so if you install the older version, you will not see the feature. Of course, you could lose out on security updates, and bug fixes when you downgrade, but if you do not mind, you can settle for the old version to remove reals from Facebook.

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Steps to Remove Reals Using Old Version of Facebook:

  • Uninstall the latest version of Facebook from your phone.
  • You may install the old version here | or search the internet for it.
  • While installing, allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account and you would no longer see reels.
  • Make sure auto-update is disabled from your mobile app store to diable do this;
    – Go to Google Playstore.
  • – Search “Facebook” on Playstore
  • – Tap on the three-dot menu on the top right and disable auto-update.

#3. Use Facebook Web Browser

Facebook reels are only available on the app version for mobile and PC – Mostly accessible from official app stores like Microsoft Store, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. So using the Web browser on your phone or computer will remove reels from Facebook.

  • Open any browser of your choice, such as Chrome.
  • Type the URL
  • Sign in to your Facebook account and you will not see Facebook reels.

Bonus: How to Access Facebook Reels Settings

Facebook Reels has settings on the latest version of the main app, to access it kindly do this;

  • Tap the burger icon at the top-right of the app.
  • Tap on the “Settings” option under Settings & Privacy.
  • Under Audience and visibility, select “Reels”.
  • You can choose to change your reels visibility, either to only Friends, specific friends or to everyone.
  • You can also prevent others from sharing your reels to their story if disabled.

So these are the best methods to remove reels from Facebook app without having to install any third-party apps. With this method, you will not see the annoying Facebook reels videos on your account.

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