Step Counter Apps are very important these days, especially during this pandemic the world has been facing since early 2020. With the best Pedometer apps for iPhone and Android devices, you will be able to keep track of your physical activities to make sure you have the best health even though it is not easy being in quarantine. So as iTechviral has always been doing, we are reviewing the best official applications that can help you keep fit and have a good daily healthy routine, so here are the best Pedometer applications for 2022.

Now before we head to the full definition and features of Pedometer Apps, let’s talk about a brief explanation of how it works. It is worth knowing Pedometer equipment that gives 100% accurate results comes from the medical room, so these applications are not 100% accurate, but it is also not an estimation of your results, rather it uses an in-built iPhone and Android sensors to monitor your step, walking activities to know the progress you have made on your Goal. Such Goals can be to burn calories, burn fats, and know your physical activities during the day.

What are Pedometer Apps?

Pedometer Applications serve as a device that counts each step you take, this can be done by detecting your body motion such as the hands and hips. With your iPhone or Android device, you do not need to perform an informal calibration, rather this is done automatically and it helps get a more accurate result of your distance traveled.

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The best Pedometer apps for iPhone and Android have different uses and features, originally it was meant for sports and getting physically fit, now it can be used for different reasons such as for exercise and motivation. So to know some of the features and uses of Pedometer apps, we have listed them below.

Features & Uses of Pedometer Applications

#1. Serves as a Motivation for Tasks

Pedometer Apps help you keep motivated if you have a task you plan to complete such as keeping fit or losing weight. So you can give yourself and encouragement with such apps by challenging yourself to meet a required step that will be monitored with step counter apps for iOS and Android devices. So if you plan to walk 10,000 steps per day, you can do so by monitoring your steps through such applications, they will help reduce procrastination.

#2. Used to Check Your Health Status

With a Pedometer, you will be able to know how healthy you are, it can be that a doctor recommends a Pedometer so the person can know the health of his/her heart. With apps like this, you can know how far you can walk before you get tired, so comparing it with others who go longer without having breathing issues can let you know the condition of your health and so you can try harder to reach the steps walked by others, though not everyone are the same.

Majorly, the usefulness of a Pedometer is to help you keep fit by tracking your steps. So there are not many features we can consider here, but you should be aware not all applications offer the same features, so that is why we have listed the 10 best Pedometer Apps for iPhone and Android 2022.

List of 10 Best Pedometer Apps For iPhone & Android

#1. Step Counter (by Leap Fitness Group)

Best Pedometer Apps iPhone Android

This application is a Step Counter app that has detailed explanations of your walking activities of the day, it also has a good battery management system that conserves your battery life even if the app has been running I the foreground for a long time. Step Counter by Leap Fitness Group on Google Play Store does not need an internet connection to run, so it does not need any GPS tracking permission unlike some apps requests, so this makes it to be the best pedometer application on Google Play Store for Android (No iOS version just yet).

#2. Pedometer & Step Counte‪r‬

Best Pedometer Apps iPhone Android

For iOS / iPhone users, this is one of the best, if not the highest-rated Pedometer App available on the Apple Store. The application was developed by “ABISHKKING LIMITED”, what makes this unique is that (not only does it save power), it does not require you to sign up or sign in to make use of the app, it shows you your personal data alone and does not share it with third-party (according to the developer comments). Furthermore, you get a report graph that shows your current walking data based on the last 24 hours, on a weekly basis or monthly.

‎Pedometer & Step Counter
‎Pedometer & Step Counter

#3. Pedometer – Step Counter Free

Best Pedometer Apps iPhone Android

Some cool features of this app include – Step and Calories counter, the Step widget to help you easily access the app data without launching the app, activities tracking such as Cycling | Running & Walking. Also, this Pedometer app has an interesting and well-explained walking guide, it has a leaderboard that helps you to keep working harder because you will be competing with others around the world based on their score on the app, eye exercise is on the application too. It has 1+ Million installs on Google Play Store, it is a Free Pedometer app for Android, so you can give it a trial.

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#4. Pedometer (by Simple Design Ltd.)

Best Pedometer Apps iPhone Android

For some reason, all Pedometer Apps on Google Play Store has the same description, the developers might have been lazy to compose a useful description for their application, so we have reviewed the apps based on their real performance. Now, this application has not been updated since 2020, so this means the developers aren’t working on the app as they should. Furthermore, it supports even older versions of Android, such as Android 4.4 devices. It uses GPS to track your movements to give an accurate result, you can also check the achievement section which shows you; how many calories have been burn, and your weekly steps.

#5. Accupedo Pedomete‪r

Best Pedometer Apps iPhone Android

iOS users can make use of this step counter app on their iPhone devices for free, it is a simple app and it is very convenient to use. The app monitors your steps and checks your achievements based on calories burned, distance, and time traveled. It serves as a motivational application, it helps you walk more than your expectations, you can set up daily goals and try to meet them to have a healthier life. In addition, the app works with Apple Watch, it shows all daily log history, you can get an email of your daily log file and also share it on social media if you want.

‎Accupedo Pedometer
‎Accupedo Pedometer
Developer: Corusen LLC
Price: Free+

#6. Pacer Pedometer

Best Pedometer Apps iPhone Android

Pacer Pedometer is a Walking, Running, Step Challenge step counter app for Android mobile phones. This time the developer was able to explain what their application offers and it tallies with the application features when installed and tested. The Pedometer app is a very good health checker and calories burner tool, some cool features are the Trends which allows you to see the progress of your activities based on steps walked, also there is an explore and plan section that has lots of challenges and also shows you your daily exercise plans you set up.

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#7. The Pedometer

Best Pedometer Apps iPhone Android

Well, this phone Pedometer app for iPhone uses M7/M8 motion processor and it has a very user-friendly interface for its users. This step counter app shows you your daily steps progress that has been set up by you, for example, you could choose 10,000 steps per day, set the daily distance to 1KM, while the daily duration could be 60 DK. To get the best of your progress, the application shows you your weekly steps achievements so you know if you are progressing or not. This iOS app is free to use, the size is just around 50MB and it supports iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iMessage.

#8. Pedometer for walking

Best Pedometer Apps iPhone Android

Now, this is what you call a very unique step counter app, you should know why this is among the best Pedometer apps for iPhone and Android is because users, based on experience have deemed the developer’s application successful and very accurate. It is able to provide you with a very accurate result of your activities daily, or on a weekly basis. Also, this Android app can be used by not only males and females, but also kids for their exercise and good healthy routine. The app still gets regular updates as of 2022, and it supports lower Android devices like 4.1.

#9. Diet & Training by An‪n

Best Pedometer Apps iPhone Android

Not only is this app aimed at making sure you lose weight and stay healthy, but it also works as a Yoga trainer for your body. This is one of the few iPhone Pedometer apps you can find on the iOS Apple store because it gets regular updates every month from the developers, so they make sure to fix bugs and improve the application. Some key features and benefits include; 1700+ unique daily workouts, 50+ training challenges, Live support from expert fitness coaches, Apple widgets for the home screen, Body measurement and workout tracking, Motivational movies, and news, with lots more like these. So as you can see, this is worth a shot, so you can make your choice.

#10. Zombies, Run! (Free)

Best Pedometer Apps iPhone Android

Actually, at first glance, you will think this is a Mobile game application and not a physical trainer Pedometer app, I thought so too. Zombies, Run! (Free) is a well-known step counter app, it has so many cool features, it is fun to use, and very motivating. The concept of this app by the developer is genius, you have to activate the app and then begin running physically and if you don’t keep up with your routine, then you fail to save the world from the Zombie apocalypses. So you should really give this app a trial, and another good news is that it is a Pedometer app for Android and iPhone devices.

‎Zombies, Run!
‎Zombies, Run!
Developer: Six to Start
Price: Free+
Zombies, Run! 10
Zombies, Run! 10
Developer: Six to Start
Price: Free+

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So by using any of these ten best pedometers or step counter apps for iPhone and Android devices, you can get a 90% accurate result of your statistics using the app and this will motivate you to try harder to improve on your health if that is the target you need to meet. Just follow us on Facebook here for our updates and interactions, also you can leave a comment below of your experience with such apps.

These are the ten best pedometer or step counter apps that you can use on your Android device. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.

Step Counter (by Leap Fitness)
Pedometer & Step Counte‪r‬
Pedometer – Step Counter Free
Pedometer (by Simple Design)
Accupedo Pedomete‪r
Pacer Pedometer
The Pedometer
Pedometer for walking
Diet & Training by An‪n
Zombies, Run! (Free)
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