Pdanet for iPhone and Android is the best tool you can use to share your mobile device internet access to your computer or tablet. With the Pdanet WiFi Direct hotspot feature, you can easily share your Android or iPhone internet connection (regardless of whether you are connected to a VPN) to your computer or tablet without having to make use of USB Tether option or Bluetooth Mode that could affect your phone’s battery life.

What’s the main benefit of Pdanet, with this app/software, you will be able to directly share your internet connection from one phone to another device even when you are connected to a VPN application on the phone sharing the internet. This is a feature the regular phone hotspot cannot perform, the regular device hotspot will not share your device internet access to another device if you are connected to a VPN with an active internet connection.

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Share Internet from Phone to PC with Pdanet for Android

So this section contains the step by step guide on how you can use Pdanet for Android to share your phone internet connection to PC over Pdanet WiFi direct hotspot.

#1. Head to Google Playstore and Install Pdanet For Android.

Price: Free

#2. Next, install FoxFi Key on your device for full access.

#3. On your PC, install Pdanet for Windows.

#4. To begin sharing internet, turn on your WiFi Router, then connect to your device to it.

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#5. Tap on Pdanet WiFi direct Hotspot option. You’ll be prompted to enable location access.

Pdanet WiFi direct location

#6. Once did, you will be shown your connection Name, Password, and Proxy.

Pdanet WiFi direct login details

#7. Use these details to connect on your Pdanet Software for PC.

Pdanet wifi direct

This is how to setup Pdanet wifi direct hotspot feature to share internet from phone to computer for free. This method does not work for all device models, but it is the best and effective method to share phone’s internet with PC.

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