CMD Command Prompt has many useful uses, it helps you operate your system more, find hidden software or access path fast. It helps you manage the system files and folders, other people use it for network scanning and related things like IP Address checking, resting network or DNS cache, and lots more. Here I will show you a rare feature that lets you open any website from the Google Chrome browser directly.

There are good reasons why you might want to open the Chrome browser from the CMD, it can be you are a developer who creates scripts, you can run the browser from CMD so you can check for errors and know how it is being executed. Also, more reason is that it helps you get to Chrome faster if the Icon was not saved on your desktop, or if you Chrome refuses to run, then you can try doing so from Command Prompt.

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I have noticed most people want to learn this so they can impress their friends that they have a cool trick to open any website via Google Chrome, I understand and have now thought you the trick.

Steps to Open any Website on Chrome via Command Prompt

These steps works on any Windows Operating System versions, it supports Windows 7/8/8.1, and Windows 10 too. So you can open the Chrome browser from the command-line utility of Windows 10. Now let’s check out how to open Google Chrome from Windows 10 Command Prompt very fast.

#1. Press and hold the Windows Icon on your keyboard + the R key.

#2. On the run section, type in ‘CMD’ and click open, it will run as administrator.

#3. Now on the Command Prompt utility, enter the command ‘- start chrome‘, without quotes.

Open Websites on Chrome With Command Prompt

#4. This will launch the Chrome browser with no website opened.

#5. To launch Chrome and a specific website, then type the command - start chrome
– I used this website as an example, you should replace it to open any other websites too.

Open Websites on Chrome With Command Prompt

#6. So after doing that, the will open on the Google Chrome browser.

#7. How about if you do not want to open it on your normal account but incognito mode, then you should type this on command prompt – start chrome /incognito

Open Websites on Chrome With Command Prompt

#8. Similarly if you do not want to open a specific website, then you can just type the command without specifying it like this – start chrome /incognito

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So this is the simple tutorial that has taught you how to open Google Chrome from the Command line on Windows 10.

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