Privacy-conscious persons are always looking for the best VPN apps with strong security and reliable privacy, though only 59 Chinese apps were banned in India, some might feel unsure if they should continue with other free to use Chinese apps in India, so for this issue, I have shared some Non-Chinese VPN Apps that respect your privacy.

Obviously, there are tons for them for Android on Official app stores like Google Play that aren’t Chinese, but most don’t really secure your privacy, have a fast connection, and bypass blocked websites, so we mentioned only a few which are strong enough to offer these. Most listed are already known to us, below are the Non-Chinese VPN Apps for Android in 2021.

Non-Chinese VPN Apps For Android in 2021

These popular apps are available on Google Play, also they offer extra privacy features that are part of their paid plans, but their free plan is also secured, but with limited bandwidth. So, let’s check out the best Non-Chinese VPN apps for Android in 2021.

1. Nord VPN

Best Non-Chinese VPN

It offers an ultra-fast VPN connection with a massive 5500+ servers worldwide for turbo speeds, you can choose various VPN protocols from OpenVPN, NordLynx based on WireGuard. What makes it one of the best VPN apps is the security of your browsing, no one can see the websites you visit once connected to their servers, even Nord VPN claims they don’t too.

NordVPN – fast vpn for privacy
NordVPN – fast vpn for privacy

2. Hotspot Shield

Best Non-Chinese VPN Apps

I personally make use of Hotspot Shield on my PC, it helps me access websites like Google when my ISP changes it’s DNS Server and then Google-related websites are then blocked. It has super-fast connections, it keeps your browsing activity private and secure. Your data usage is also shown on the app so you know the amount of data being used, and it offers servers from US, UK, JP, IN, AU, CA, CN, and more!

3. VPN Free

Best Non-Chinese VPN Apps

VPN free also is known as Betternet VPN, it is an unlimited VPN that is able to mask your IP address, make your public connection into a private network, and lots more. Websites that are not loading or that are blocked can be accessed by this VPN App. It has many regions to choose from, if one gets slow for you, it’s easy to switch to another. iOS also has it’s own build of this app, you can access Netflix shows if your country is restricted to.

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4. CyberGhost VPN

Best Non-Chinese VPN Apps

This is another non-Chinese VPN app for android that shields your personal data and your Internet traffic. They have a premium subscription like most VPN apps does, but this allows up to 7 devices to connect to one account, unlike some that allow one device per account or otherwise will lead to suspension. When connected to a new Wi-Fi network, the VPN detects it and then encrypts your connection from attackers.

VPN by CyberGhost: Secure WiFi
VPN by CyberGhost: Secure WiFi

5. ExpressVPN

best vpn apps android

ExpressVPN has some nice features, though it protects your privacy and security, it prevents your activities from being tracked by hackers or sniffed. It has a kill switch button which works well from Android 8 and up, it also goes well with the auto-reconnect features. So when the VPN app finds it hard to connect, all internet traffic is stopped till ExpressVPN is able to get a stable connection before all apps are re-powered again.

ExpressVPN - Trusted & Secure
ExpressVPN - Trusted & Secure
Developer: ExpressVPN
Price: Free+

So these are the best non-chinese vpn apps for Android to secure you information and provide strong and reliable privacy. Make sure you share this with your friends since it has helped you.

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