Here’s your final solution in fixing iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes message which shows on your iPhone screen. Why I add (No ID) in the title is because I am also teaching how to unlock a disabled iPhone which you do not know the Apple ID and Password, and I’m also teaching those that know their Apple ID and Password how to recover their Disabled iPhone data which they might have previously backed up or Sync on their system. Now, this solution is the final tutorial you need for your iPhone to be unlocked, so no need to be saddened that your beloved Apple device is no more accessible because now, we’ve made sure it must be enabled.

There are reasons why your iPhone 6/7 or any Apple device being used by you will get disabled, this could be due to wrongly inputted password more than 10 times or purchasing a stolen iPhone device which is the case of some users. iPhone has a very strong security layout and that is why you get iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes after typing in your passcode incorrect up to 10 times. Sometimes you might have not been aware you’ve written your Apple ID password wrongly, but this might have been done intentionally by someone you know or unintentionally.

I got this idea of writing this article because of a friend who’s iPhone 6 got the iPhone is Disabled message after writing the iPhone password wrongly several times, though it was recently added. So I’ve researched and tested the process of making the iPhone work successfully by restoring the Apple device if you have the password or not, for the case of a friend, he needs to restore it and this requires making use of a computer that has iTunes program installed on a Windows or Mac OS computer.

Causes of iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes

iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes
iTunes: iPhone is Disabled

There are several reasons why your iPhone gets this message without you knowing the traces or how it happened, here’s why.

  1. iPhone password inputted wrong through unknown taps on the side pocket.
  2. Intentional input of the wrong password.
  3. Theft.

So even if you did not try to unlock your iPhone and it shows iPhone is disabled, these meationed reason above could be the cause.

Times Needed Before iPhone is Disabled Message Shows Up

iPhone is disabled try again is a message that is easy to fix if you just wrote your password wrongly, and this occurs several times before your iPhone is finally disabled, so how many times do you need to type your Apple password incorrectly before iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes shows on the screen?

  • 5 incorrect passcode entries in a row – ‘iPhone is disabled, try again in 1 minute’
  • 7 incorrect entries in a row – ‘iPhone is disabled, try again in 5 minutes’
  • 8 incorrect entries in a row – ‘iPhone is disabled, try again in 15 minutes’
  • 9 incorrect entries in a row – ‘iPhone is disabled, try again in 60 minutes’
  • 10 incorrect passcode entries – ‘iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes’ (or the iPhone wipes itself of all data if self-destruct mode is turned on)

How To Fix iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes (Sync)

This method is for those that know their Apple iPhone passcode, so if that is the case of yours and you mistaken typed your password wrong through the human error like the ones mentioned on header 1, then this is a fast method, but you have to make sure the PC has synced to the iPhone in the past. This method doesn’t let you lose your data, you will gain access to all of it back again, but typing the right password this time is what that is needed.

iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes
iPhone is Disabled Sync
  1. Connect the iPhone to a computer it has previously synced with through a USB connection.
  2. Now launch iTunes on your computer.
  3. Choose ‘Sync’ in iTunes and enter the correct passcode when prompted carefully this time.
  4. Now, choose ‘Restore’ and once it has been completed, your device has been restored.

It will restore your iPhone data from the most recent backup available, so make sure it has synced previously on your computer successfully.

How To Fix iPhone is Disabled (Forgotten Passcode)

There is a video tutorial for this that I’ve linked to, it will also guide you on the full process to restore your iPhone device and fix that error message. Also before we begin, I want you to know that you need to update your iTunes Program to the latest version so iTunes will be able to detect your Apple device once you’ve added the USB cord, so here we go.

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1. Turn of your iPhone device and make sure you have iTunes latest version on your computer.

2. Connect your iPhone to your PC through your USB Cord.

3. Now hold the iPhone’s Home Button after connecting the USB and it will show the iTunes logo and iTunes should automatically open.

4. Now once it has opened, an update dialog will open, and a popup asking to ‘Update’ or ‘Restore’, choose ‘Restore’.

5. There will be another update option on the screen, click ‘restore and update’ and accept the ‘terms and conditions’.

6. Now you will see the iPhone software updating, it could be up to 3.3GB of data.

7. After the download has been completed, it will extract the downloaded file, verify and then restore it successfully.

How to Prevent this From Happening Again

As you can see, this is a very stressful situation and not only is it stressful, you can lose all your important data on the device. So knowing all these, it will be wise for you to know how you should prevent this from happening in the past, obviously, imperfection occurs and could lead to this, but there is a permanent way to stop this from happening ever again, here’s how;

1. Change to Password:

It will be better to input a password rather than a passcode which just needs a four-digit code to unlock your device. Knowing that sometimes your passcode could be inputted incorrectly on your iPhone through your pocket after being typed incorrectly up to 10 times, but this could not happen that way or you could notice if it was a password. So choosing a password that doesn’t need a 4 digit number before it’s activated like a password like iTechViral2021 will be the best way to avoid iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes message.

2. Disable Passcode:

When you disable your iPhone passcode, your Touch ID is also disabled, this might not be chosen as the best option for many because they need to secure their device, but I will suggest you follow through with this, after all, my friend who’s the device was locked said he will never add security layer on his iPhone 6 again. But if you like this method 2 and also need a password, why not add password on sensitive apps only like Instagram and WhatsApp, this will be better than locking full access to your device which makes it vulnerable to this total lockdown again.


Always backup your iPhone data no matter how huge the data is so that even if this happens again, you can easily restore it and regain access to it back. Try and do this regularly, at least once in 3 months, this will be okay for those that doesn’t always use much GB on their device monthly. Also let me know if this worked for you, though I am certain it works, comment and share with other of your friends using Apple’s iPhone device.

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