Tor Project Membership ProgramTor Project is launching a new Membership Program that lets nonprofit and private sector organizations to financially support their work. As we all know, Tor has been providing top-notch security for its users, it is the safest browser you can use with certainty that your data will not be sold and also, you will be fully secured online without traces. The Tor Project Membership Program will support their work, they can keep providing more cool features for free through this.

Tor Browser is our top 10 best android browser app, and it is the number #1 recommended when it comes to security. Their software is free to use, requires no payment, doesn’t contain advertisement, and they do not sell or have access to your data. So the Membership Program is a good idea, support is needed for these relentless work and love for the project, this can be done through their new Tor Project membership program.

This new program was inspired by their huge fan base community, people love their honest work and want to support them. So they made it a goal of this program to help their nonprofit and private sector organizations interested in using their tech or wants to support them to build a relationship with each other.

So far, 5 founding members has begin supporting the Tor Project Membership program, and they are:

  1. Avast
  2. DuckDuckGo
  3. Insurgo
  4. Mullvad VPN
  5. Team Cymru

Avast had this to say “The Avast team is excited to be a founding partner of Tor’s membership program, and we look forward to working with Tor and other members to further our shared goal of empowering people with strong privacy protection and freedom online.”

Why The Tor Project Membership Program is so Vital

Tor Project as a nonprofit organization gets its support from Governments or private foundations, but this has a long turn-around period of 6 – 12 months after the submission of a proposal to the receipt of a contract and start of work, so this clearly shows that until the proposal is accepted and the signing of a grant contract, Tor Project will be unable to begin it’s work on the project scheduled more seldom 1 year prior.

So relying only on grant funding can slow down their project as a software development organization, so they decided to launch a membership program to combat slow project development. Now they start projects faster by increasing the amount and number of unrestricted contributions to the Tor Project Furthermore, as an organization or company, you can directly contact Tor Project team for support or advice concerning privacy and security.

Joining the membership program also gives up access to the company’s ‘Onion Advisors group’ that will help your company or organization to integrate Tor into their product, and assist in other areas. Members will also get to be invited to webinars and exclusive meetings together with the team of Tor Project for interesting topics about Tor.

How To Join the Tor Membership Program

Tor Project Membership Program Tiers

There are three tiers of Membership to join; the Green Onion Membership, the Vadalia Membership, and the Shallot Membership.

The difference between these 3 tiers of membership is the public promotion of your membership. They have different opportunities that allows you to share your organization commitment to online privacy with their social community followers. But all tiers gives you access to Onion Advisors and Tor’s special webinars.

So in order to join/support the Tor Project membership program, you need to reach out to Tor Project via their email [].

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