The usual way to install Windows 10 update which can also be used for Windows 10 20H2 Update is through the settings or fresh installing it from USB. But we’ll discuss the fastest and safest way to install it manually in case it hasn’t rolled out for you yet. We’ll be using an official software made by Microsoft to install Windows 10 20H2 October 2020 update on any computer without USB.

So this tutorial is for Windows users seeking to update their old version of Microsoft Windows 10 on their PC and not for fresh installation. For the sake of those whose OS refuses to update, this official Microsoft application mentioned on this article will be very useful, it helps you get to the latest version of Windows in just a single click, through it you can regularly check for updates in just less than 10 seconds.

10 New Features in October 2020 Update | Windows 10 20H2

#1. Inbuilt Microsoft Edge Browser

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Microsoft Edge browser is now inbuilt in the latest version of Windows 10 October update. Formally, Microsoft Edge browser that was launched in 2020 can be uninstalled and it didn’t come with Windows except you get it downloaded or updated from the old brand. Now it comes installed on a new PC if the Windows is on 20H2 and above. The browser has also been updated with new features, it is compatible with different kinds of PC.

#2. Edge Browser Tabs

This works just as the Windows tabs that displays when you press and hold Windows + tab button. But this time, the new feature of Edge browser tabs can be enabled when you press and hold alt + tab, this will show your recent Microsoft edge tabs in the type of windows format used in switching to a new desktop. This is helpful if you have a handful lot of task on-going and you wish to switch your tab to another quickly.

#3. Access Edge Pinned Tabs

After you’ve pinned a website on the Windows taskbar, you can fund all different tabs of that website by clicking on the pinned icon on the taskbar. So now if you have different tabs on Microsoft Edge browser, you can now quickly reach your pinned website tab on this latest version of October 2020. So this serves as a category to all your pinned tabs on Edge browser which can be accessed very quickly.

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#4. Redesigned Start Menu

Early July 2020, we discussed this new feature coming to Windows. An article was written to help you all know how to activate the new start menu of Windows 10, some who were aware of this guide was able to enjoy this feature before now it’s officially being released. The new Windows 10 20H2 October 2020 update makes the start menu more elegant so it has a slightly transparent background in which the color matches the background. It is also changeable from personalization settings, you need to enable show assent colors on the two options unticked.

#5. Updated Control Panel

On the older version of Windows, there was a separate system option which contains basic information about your computer, this option also applies to Windows 7/8 PC. But now, it has been updated in a way that when you click the system option on the control panel, rather than seeing the basic specs of your PC as it was previously, you will be redirected to the about section of the Windows settings option which happens to contain a lot of useful specs of your PC such as the device and product ID, OS build and Windows installation date.

#6. Refresh Rate Option

You do not need to change your refresh rate on your graphics card company’s program like Intel, AMD, or Nvidia when you want to game. Windows 10 20H2 update has made it possible for users to change the refresh rate option of their PC to any of their choices so easily. This can be accessed from the following path:- Settings> System> display> advanced display settings> scroll down and select the option available on your PC.

#7. Phone App Samsung Features

Samsung devices are the first to support the newly added feature on Windows 10 phone app which was previously known for only access to your device messages as requested by you, reading notifications, photos access, etc. When you install Windows 10 20H2 upgrade, you can open apps installed on your physical device through Windows “Your Phone” Android application. This feature will be coming to all smartphones soon.

#8. Default Tablet Mode

Tablet Mode now defaults when you detach the keyboard in two in one device, so instead of getting the usual popup notification asking you if you want to enable tablet mode, it will be enabled by default. This can always be disabled as Microsoft Windows made sure most features that might seem as an inconvenience to its users are optional and not mandatory. To change this, open settings> system> tablet> now change the option.

#9. Updated Focus Assist

Focus Assist as the name implies helps you focus when using an important application or when you do not want disturbance. Mostly when gaming which is usually in full screen, focus assist is enabled so you do not get interrupted when gaming by a notification message. So when you close the game or program so it’s no longer in full screen mode, focus assist shows you a summary of what you’ve missed while you were away. On Windows 10 20H2 Update, you will no longer receive those summary messages, you can access then from the assistant menu by using the shortcut Windows + A.

#10. Windows Notification Enhancement

Here comes one of the most important update, the enhancement of the Windows notification. It has been redesigned, so now you get a cancel button next to the notification you received rather than trying to swipe right to close it which in most cases has resulted in accidental clicks of the notification. It also comes with a notification logo so you can identify which company or individual is sending you notifications.

These are the 10 features of the Windows 10 October 2020 update you’ll learn how to install in the guide below. Not many features were really added, rather it was just an optimization of the current features on the OS, I’ll like to hear your opinion concerning this update. So now, let’s talk about the main subject, how to install Windows 10 20H2 Update on your Computer.

Install Windows 10 20H2 October Update

Install Windows 10 20H2

The software is just 18MB in size, so download ‘Windows 10 assistance’ software from Microsoft website here. So choose “download tool now” to get it downloaded on your PC. After that, follow the below guide to get it installed on your Windows 10 PC.

  • Install Windows 10 Update Assistance.
  • Run the application as an administrator.
  • Now it will begin checking for updates.
  • Once an update has been found, installation begins.
Install Windows 10 20H2
  • After successful installation, you’ll get the message” Thank you for updating to the latest version of Windows 10.


So there you have it, that’s how to update to the latest version of Windows 10 20H2 manually without USB. Using Windows 10 assistance updater, you can get Windows 10 update that has not been rolled out on your PC yet. As you’ve seen, the new features added make the installation worth it, so let me know what you loved from the listed features of the 20H2 October 2020 update.

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