In Short Viral Hacks: Disney Plus is one of the recent streaming platforms that has brought competition to popular streaming services such as Netflix since its launch in 2019. It features shows and movies from big brands like Marvel, Disney, Pixar, and many more. However, there is a bug that shows ‘Disney plus unable to connect’ when trying to log in to the platform. This is a serious issue affecting users from different countries for a while.

Either the login button is greyed out on the platform, or it just would not connect while there is an active internet connection. So since you’re facing Disney Plus login and connection issues, this article will guide you properly.

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Fix Disney Plus Unable to Connect Error

Can’t access your Disney Plus account? The below 5 methods will definitely fix Disney Plus’s unable to connect error while trying to log in on the platform.

#1. Clear Disney+ Cache

The first and most important step is to try clearing the cache of the app. Due to accumulated app cache, it can get corrupted and therefore cause the error you are facing. This applies to all apps on your device, so you have to regularly clear the app cache on your apps.


  • Tap and hold the Disney Plus app and tap on the app info.
  • Under the app displayed information, tap on clear cache and accept the prompt.
  • Now close the settings and re-open the app.


  • Simply re-install the app because iOS users (iPhone / iPad) cannot clear the cache.


  • Open your web browser and tap the three ellipses icon at the top-right.
  • From the options, click on history.
  • Click on Advanced options and tap on clear browsing data.
  • The displayed options will then be cached and site data and changed images and files.
  • Tick both options mentioned above and tap on the clear data button.

After doing this, you will be able to connect to Disney plus and log in. This is how to fix Disney Plus unable to connect error on the browser.

#2. Update The Disney+ App

If you’re using an outdated version, you may face the error issue. Oftentimes, outdated apps stop functioning as expected when the developer releases a new version to the public. In fact, the updates most times fix known or unknown bugs which is why it is important to update when available.

So if you are facing Disney plus unable to connect and login issues, then consider updating your app from the official store of your device, be it Google Play Store for Android, or Apple App Store for iOS devices.

After doing this, try logging in to your Disney plus account, but in case this does not solve your issue, then follow the next method below.

#3. Visit on Incognito Mode

Oftentimes, this fixes errors on sites not opening properly on browsers because a plugin you installed could be affecting the site functionality or even the cookies stored as well. Every browser comes with incognito mode or private mode, so head to your browser and use the mode to open the Disney Plus website and try to log in.

Login Form The Sign Up Page

If you are able to successfully log in, then you need to uninstall plugins manually to see which is conflicting with the website and if no extension caused this, then you need to clear the site cookies.

#4. Change VPN / Region

In case Disney Plus is not supported in your location and you make use of VPN services to bypass the geo-restrictions set by the OTT platform, then you should consider changing the VPN you’re using or its current region you are connected to.

Login Form The Sign Up Page

Disney Plus may have blocked your VPN’s servers from accessing their site, so this being the case, you will need to try other regions’ IPs supported by Disney Plus like the USA, or simply get another VPN service.

After doing this, you should try opening the site and this should fix Disney Plus unable to connect error while trying to log in.

#5. Login Form The Sign Up Page

This is our final method on how to fix Disney Plus unable to connect error while trying to login. Here is what you should specifically do.

  • Open your browser and open the Disney Plus Account website.
  • Now click on the sign-up button on the website, or open it here.
Login Form The Sign Up Page
Disney Plus Unable to Connect Error Fix
  • After being taken to Disney Plus sign-up website, locate the login button and login to Disney Plus.

Final Words

If you face Disney Plus login issues, you now know how to fix them using the above troubleshooting methods. These fixes for Disney Plus unable to connect error will help you solve the issue perfectly, we can assure you that.

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