Windows 11 Operating System comes with tons of new features like ClickLock, this OS is a direct improvement from its predecessor – Windows 10. Features range from input device customizations such as the keyboard touch, mouse pointer speed, mouse main click button being switched from left to right, and so on.

With Windows 11 ClickLock feature, when you enable mouse clicklock in Windows 11, you will be able to lock down the primary mouse button after a single click. This is a useful feature especially when you want to select items and drag them across the screen without having to hold down the primary mouse button.

Such conditions you will deem fit to use this click lock feature are when you want to drag objects, select texts, move folders, work on a graphics design project, or even open menus. With a single click, you are able to move items on your PC easily.

The Mouse ClickLock feature is also available on the older version of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. So this tutorial might be helpful to you in case you aren’t a Windows 11 user.

Steps to Enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11

This section contains not only how to enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11, but also how to disable it, and make the necessary customizations you might find convenient.

1. First of all, click on the Windows 11 Start button from the taskbar before you select ‘Settings’.

How to Enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11

2. Under the Settings section, click on the Bluetooth & devices option from the left sidebar.

How to Enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11

3. Now close the left-sidebar pane and scroll down on the options list, then click on Mouse.

How to Enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11

4. Under the Mouse Settings page, simply scroll down a bit and tap on the Additional mouse settings option.

How to Enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11

5. You will see the Mouse Properties Windows, from here, you should tap on ‘Turn on ClickLock’ to enable the feature.

How to Enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11

6. Disable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11 using this option in case you had it enabled previously.

7. How about customizations? Simply click the settings option in the same Window as step 6 as seen below.

How to Enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11

8. Now you can adjust how long you want to hold down the mouse or trackball button before your click is locked i.e. in drag mode. Click ‘Ok’ to save the settings.

How to Enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11

9. When you’re done, just tap on ‘Apply’, and then ‘Ok’ to save your changes.

As simple as that! This is how you can customize the ClickLock functionality on your Windows 11 PC.

With these steps, you can not just disable Click Lock, but also enable ClickLock feature in Windows 11 successfully. This useful feature also works for the trackpad, not only the externally connected mouse.

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