Always on Edge Lighting is a feature that is rear on Android devices, it was made specifically for supported Samsung Phones as they did with the Gamer Launcher App, but now the Samsung Edge Lighting S10 feature can be gotten on any Android phone regardless of its brand or OS version. The Edge Lighting known to be used on Samsung Note 10, S9, and S10 has made its way to other Android devices unofficially. So iTech Viral brings you the best Edge Lighting apps that are working for any phone in 2020.

Edge lighting colors app helps your device look beautiful, it shows a different number of colors on your phone’s edge, it looks better on Android phones with edged screens like Samsung S10 and Note 10 devices. Edge Lighting S10 features have been added to numerous apps on official stores like Google Play and Apple Store. They are free, doesn’t have glitches, the colors even still affects your device infinite U or notch display rather than just ignoring it, this makes it nice.

Also these best edge lighting apps reviewed below does not work as a wallpaper which doesn’t display other than the home screen, rather they overlay over other apps if you enable this feature. With this feature, other applications still shows the Samsung edge lighting s10 colors on other apps, even on games and phone’s settings. So this shows it really is an alternative to Galaxy Always On Edge Lighting in-built settings.

What Does Samsung Edge Lighting S10 Do?

It makes your device adorable and attractive in your eyes and on the eyes of others seeing your Android phone from afar. If you like flashy colors that are known to be bright and cool at nights then you should use the Samsung Edge Lighting S9 feature.

#1. Multi Edge Colours

These apps allows you to select any colour your want for your Edge lighting always on for Android. The multi edge colours are mixed with green, blue, purple, pink and red colours. The colours rotates around the screen edges and it is very bright and attractive.

#2. Width and Hight Adjustment

Here’s another cool feature such apps feature, you can adjust the width of the lighting color, if your device is big enough, increasing it ensures the colors are perfectly matched, this applies also to the height, you can increase or reduce the animation of the height so it doesn’t look less attractive.

#3. Notch Settings Customization

Samsung Edge Lighting S10 alternative apps allow you to enable Notch display settings on your Android phones for free, this shows the colors around the notch display. If your phone doesn’t have notch this feature does not need to be activated.

#4. Set Wallpaper

Your picture can be added as a wallpaper even when the Edge Lighting S10 feature is being displayed. The colours will overlay your picture and be displayed simultaneously.

3 Best Samsung Edge Lighting S10 Alternatives

So here are the Android Edge Lighting Apps best 3 alternatives you can get for your phones. These apps are on Google Play for free and iTech Viral has listed them from the top to bottom. The list will get updated if more demands are made for more working Edge Lighting Apps for Android so you can join us on Telegram here for beta updates.

#1. Edge Lighting Colors

Edge Lighting Note 10
Edge Lighting Colors Note 10

This app has a cool user interface and it is a free application which has always on edge lighting s10 colors. I personally mentioned this because it has very good positive reviews and supports many Android devices. Always on round light screen colors are known to consume more battery, but this app doesn’t do that, your battery consumption for this app is minimum and barely noticeable.

Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight
Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight

Some features included in Round light RGB are multi-color screen edge to live wallpaper, adjustment of the width, and the height to your preference, edge curve roundness as per your phone screen, notch settings customizations as per your device notch, multiple cool formats, and colors of frames and borders available, and you can set your photo as wallpaper which will show in between the lighting edge screen.

#2. True Edge | Edge Lighting

True Edge lighting s10 android
True Edge

True Edge | Edge Lighting apps really has the Galaxy Note 10 and S9 edge lighting features provided for free. This app does not contain any intrusive ads, though it contains ads which helps the developer earn from their free app but it is not annoyingly popping up, also there are no advanced features which aren’t user friendly, it is very use to understand and setup on any Android devices.

True Edge: Notification Buddy
True Edge: Notification Buddy

Furthermore, Edge lighting s10, Note 10 and S9 app feature do not consume your battery nor CPU, your RAM also is intact without being stressed out. This app does not unnecessarily kill your important data just to keep it up and running continuously but it is recommended you get it installed on an Android phone with 5.0 and up. If the app is not working you should know that sometimes your android device will decide to terminate the app’s service randomly; In order to prevent this check if your device has a battery manager and disable battery optimization for True Edge to work perfectly.

#3. Always On Edge | Edge Lighting

Edge Lighting S10 working
Always On Edge

Edge lighting S10 can easily be customized to show when your phone is charging, playing music, displaying wallpapers, or even watch videos. There is also an always-on display feature which can be shown when you use the Tap to Light feature. The front camera is surrounded with the Android edge lighting app and you can set the LED style to show on other places with a variety of animations.

Always On Edge
Always On Edge
Developer: Dubiaz
Price: Free

You can use it to show lighting effects for many events like notifications including missed calls, of course, charging, fully charged, screen lock, screen unlocks, headset plugged, listening to music,
ongoing or outgoing calls, recent apps menu, and flash after unlocking. The app has over a million installs and with the frequent updates, you can say it really is one of the best edge lightings app with Samsung S10, Note 10, and S9 features.

So this is how to get installed Samsung Edge Lighting S10 feature on any phones as you’ve seen the best apps on Android. If you loved this article and need more like this, remember to follow us on Facebook @itechologyviral and stay updated, thanks for reading.

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