Facebook Messenger can be accessed on a web browser, Computer, Android, and iOS devices. It is beneficial when you want to send and receive messages on Facebook since they are linked together. There is an error that happens only on the Android application while opening the application you might get the error “unfortunately messenger has stopped.” This can be an alarming error, so we’ve discussed 5 best ways that actually work, you can fix the messenger issue.

The Messenger application closes when you open the application and then you get the error especially on Samsung phones. Most times the causes of this problem might be compatibility of the app on the device, while most times it can be a lack of RAM or accumulated cache. So knowing the causes, we can then try and fix the issue, so here’s how to fix unfortunately messenger has stopped.

As always, you can make use of a web browser to bypass this issue, but that is just a temporary fix, once you know the reason to your Facebook Messenger application showing the error, you can always try to avoid that or fixing the issue permanently. Fortunately, iOS users don’t have such an error, so if you are an Android user, then follow this tutorial.

How To Fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped?

So in this article, we’ll show you how to fix unfortunately messenger has stopped on any Android device. So this is the final solution.

#1. Update Messenger application

Fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped Android

This should be the first and foremost action you should check, make sure you check for Facebook messenger update and update to the latest version. Updates are usually aimed at fixing bugs on the application, so leaving your app on an older version can result in you facing the error seldom or often. So here’s what you should do.

Step 1- Open Google Play Store Android system app.

Step 2- Search for “Messenger“.

Price: Free

Step 3- Check for Facebook Messenger latest version on Google Play Store update.

Step 4- Tap on update to get the latest version if available.

Now this works if there is an update for the application, so if you are already using the latest version, then consider using an older version that might be compatible with your device. Better solutions ahead.

#2. Restart your device

Not all of us turns off our devices regularly or let our battery percent discharge to the lowest, so if your device up-time is more than 2 weeks or even a month, then you should restart your device to maintain the best performance. In fact some devices now lets you choose when your device should restart, most times it restarts at night when your device is not being used. You can also turn off the device and then turn it on again, or just select the ‘Restart’ button when you press the power button to restart the device.

So this will fix the ‘unfortunately messenger has stopped’ error on your smartphone. In case this method doesn’t work, then here’s another better alternative.

#3. Clear Cache & Data

Well, this is another helpful method that can help you fix the error message on your Android phone. It will clear the junk files and saved data of the application on your device.

Step 1- Open your device ‘Settings‘.

Step 2- Locate ‘Application Manager’ section, differs on some devices.

Step 3- Locate the ‘Messenger‘ application and tap it.

Step 4- You will see the application information like ‘Clear Cache‘ and ‘Clear Data‘.

Step 5- Tap both to clear.

When you clear the data, you will need to login to Messenger again, while clearing the cache makes the app load longer at the first launch. So it has a 99.9% chance of fixing the error, but if you still receive unfortunately messenger has stopped, then read the next method.

#4. Re-install Messenger

At this point, you will need to reinstall Facebook Messenger on your device as it seems like it has been corrupted. This happens mostly on a modified application, and as we know it is not recommended to use such an application because some might have been contacted with malware, ransomware, or virus. So when you reinstall the application from Google Play Store, then you can make use of your application again without having to consistently see unfortunately messenger has stopped error.

In case the version on Google Play Store keeps giving you an error, then you can try downloading Messenger from websites online like Apk Here.

Step 1- Launch your web browser on your Android device and enter ‘Apkhere.com‘.

Step 2- Use the website search bar and locate Facebook Messenger by searching for it.

Step 3- Initiate the downloading process and ones the APK has been downloaded, locate the file path and install it on your device.

Step 4- Enable installation from unknown source and then open the application.

So this will fix the ‘unfortunately messenger has stopped‘ error on your Android device. Now you can login to your account again, but if this error keeps occurring, then here is the final method.

#5. Use Messenger Lite

Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped

At this point, it comes down to the compatibility of the device, the phone was not able to meet the minimum requirements of the Messenger app. So you will have to make use of the lite version that is just less than 10Mb to download and also works just as good as the main application. Using this app you can still contact people on Facebook’s official Android application, you do not need to get a lite version of that as well. So here’s how to get the Messenger lite application

Step 1- Click on the Messenger Lite link below

Messenger Lite
Messenger Lite
Price: Free

Step 2- Install the application on your phone

Step 3- Login and link it to Facebook.

So this method might seem like you are running away from Messenger’s main app, but you aren’t. There was a reason the lite version was made, and it might just be the best solution if you keep getting “unfortunately messenger has stopped” error.

Wrap Up:

So this tutorial has helped you fix the error message on your Android phone, it works on any smartphone brand like Samsung Galaxy and Xiaomi Redmi. These are the best ways to fix the error and I am very confident that one out of the five methods must fix the problem. But if you have other alternatives or have reasons to share what causes Facebook messenger to keep stopping, then please let me know in the comment section below.

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