Cortana is Microsoft’s Windows 10 personal assistant is just like iOS has Siri personal assistance app. Cortana helps you get easy access to features on your PC, you can focus on important tasks using it. So Cortana can be asked to perform certain tasks such as managing your calendar, a daily to-do list which must be followed, join a meeting in Microsoft Teams, Unlock your PC, look up for search results on search engines, set alarms, and a lot more features.

The personal assistant worked great throughout Windows 10 operating system updates, not until the May 2020 update which came with a bug that makes you unable to access Cortana.

Cortana is showing an error message that reads, “Sorry, but Cortana is not available in English (Country) at this time’. This is also applied to other regions, but speaking of it not being available in your Country, it is officially supported, so this shows the error message isn’t accurate.

Fix ‘Cortana is Not Available’ Error Message on Windows 10

Knowing this, the error message can be fixed, so this article provided on iTechviral will help you resolve the issue as you follow the steps below. It is the best method to solve Cortana is showing an error message that reads, “Sorry, but Cortana is not available in English (Country) at this time’.

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1. Click on Cortana icon from the taskbar, or simply search it.

Cortana is Not Available

2. Now you will be asked to sign in to your Microsoft Account, if you haven’t yet.

3. Next, open Microsoft Store and search for ‘Cortana’.

Cortana is Not Available

4. Now install the app using the ‘Get’ button, or update if not in the latest.

5. Finally, launch Cortana again and sign in with your Microsoft Account.

Then on, you can easily access Cortana, this has fixed the Cortana error message on the latest update.

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I hope you were assisted after reading this article, kindly share it with your friends if you did. So that is how to fix ‘Cortana is not available’ error message on Windows 10 2004 Build

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