Screenshots are very important when you want to save or share the important information you might have seen online. However, as simple as screenshotting on iOS and Android is, not all applications on your device will approve of that, especially banking apps like Mint App and the likes. So when you try to take a screenshot, you get the error, can’t take a screenshot due to security policy.

This article addresses not only how to bypass this error, but also the causes and how to permanently prevent this from re-occurring. First of all, what are some reasons this could be happening? Well, there are three known reasons and they are;

  • Browser-based
  • App-based
  • Device-Based.

From the self-explanatory reasons mentioned above, you can deduce that the browser-based means the browser has prevented you from taking screenshots. This is a well-known feature while using Incognito mode on Browsers like Chrome, and Edge.

The second mentioned which is app-based is a result of the application preventing screenshots. This can be seen in end-to-end encrypted social media conversations, and banking apps.

While the last is device-based which is our main focus, the device prevents you from taking screenshot due to the enabled security policy.

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So we will properly guide you on how to fix can’t take screenshot due to security policy error on your iOS or Android phone.

Fix Can’t Take Screenshot Due To Security Policy Error?

#1. Browser-Based

As for browser-based security policy, this is done not only in Incognito mode but can also be applied on sites that require login. Transaction sites containing your sensitive information may restrict your device from taking screenshots on the website. Here’s a better explanation of why this is implemented – someone else might try accessing your account of a service that contains your sensitive information from the site URL instead of the app on your device which might require login first. If someone got hold of your account details, they will not be able to take screenshots since the browser will prevent them at the command of the website.

How about if you are an authorized user and want to take a screenshot of very important information? Well, we can bypass this browser-based can’t take screenshot due to security policy error. We will discuss how you can do that on Chrome since most browsers did not provide a way to bypass the screenshot capture bug.

How to Bypass with Chrome:

  • Open Chrome App on your Mobile device.
  • Next, open this URL on the address bar chrome://flags
  • While on the Chrome flags screen, type Incognito Screenshot in the search box/
  • Pull down the menu and tap on Enabled to activate it.
  • Tap on relaunch so the changes take effect.

#2. App-Based

Applications such as financial and money management apps need high security because they store confidential data and disabling screenshot is one way they can prevent unauthorized access to that information. Apps like Netflix, and Facebook also prevent screenshot capturing on copyrighted material. Even trying can’t take a screenshot due to security policy bypass on Android by minimizing the app and displaying it on the list of background running apps does not work because the app will turn the minimized app dark for you to see the information.

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How about trying to record your screen, these apps with security policy features are so strong that they can force close your screen recording app, or alter the image when you use another device to take the screenshot. But the good news is that the model of some phones allows users to bypass this. It can be done from the app settings, here’s how to do it.

How to Bypass with App Settings:

  • On your phone, open Settings, then Apps, head to Apps & notifications
    NB: Paths may differ by device
  • Next, view all app lists, and locate Device Policy App.
  • Tap it to view details, and Disable the app
    NB: System apps cannot be uninstalled, rather disabled

#3. Device-Based

Some devices given to your company or school may come with certain restrictions if they contain sensitive data like names of students, company documents, or databases. So the IT department will be the best shot for you to bypass can’t take screenshot due to security policy error on the device.

However, you may still be able to bypass the restriction yourself, though the chances of doing so are low. Here is what you’re to do.

How to Bypass with Account Deactivation:

  • Head to settings on your device, then Accounts.
  • Tap on the Administrator account to remove it from your device.
  • Now register a new account by yourself with Android Device Policy instead of Device Policy App
    NB: Note you might be breaking the agreement you had with your school or company. Is it worth it?


So these are the best solutions to fix “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy.” error toast message. Now you can make use of your device’s screenshot capturing feature to save information for reference later. This workaround to disable or remove the app will help solve the error. If you have queries regarding this subject which are how to resolve this setback, the cause, and how exactly it can be fixed, let us know in the comment section below.

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