What is the Best Method to Find WiFi Passwords on Your Computer? For me, it is using Command Prompt which does the trick using just one Command. The essence of this article is to help people to find the saved passwords on their computer which they have forgotten and want to retrieve. Windows stores the Wi-Fi password of Routers on the system so it can be accessed and viewed when needed. When you connect to a network that is protected, Windows will save the passwords, SSIN and all-important information of the Wi-Fi network, it will then be easier to find all Wi-Fi Passwords on your Windows 10 Computer.

There are many methods to find WiFi Passwords on your PC, it can be through Windows settings (10/8.1/8/7), Control Panel and the likes, but how about you learn how to find your computer Wi-Fi passwords without going through those methods?

As far as we all know, command prompt can be used for many cool activities on your computer, you can make use of its shortcuts commands to access windows features that take more time to open, you can also use CMD to check your network status, ping networks or even check the status of your hard drive or ram. Command prompt can also be used for ethical hacking purposes such as scanning a network for bugs, or even a website server and where it is being hosted.

Knowing that Command prompt can do all these, it is very useful when it comes to accessing your Windows features. With just a command, you can find wifi passwords on your computer with no problems, all will be displayed to you in a listed format and all information about the Wi-Fi you previously connected to will be displayed. But do you know why this article is tagged “Hack“? It is because you can use this method to locate passwords of different WiFi networks on any computer, as far as it is a Windows Pc. Here are an example and more explanation of what I mean.

Remember you forgot your Wi-Fi password on your computer, that is why you are here to learn how to recover it, but imagine if you had access to another person’s PC, let’s say a School computer that has previously connected to your school Wi-Fi, or maybe you are working in an office and your boss connected all computer to the Wi-Fi network but didn’t tell the employees the password so they wouldn’t deviate from working and then chatting with the Data, do you know with command prompt you can check the password very fast instead of going through settings and then exploring which can be dangerous if you are caught.

When you are able to use CMD short code, you get the information very fast like a skilled ethical hacker.

How To Show all WiFi Passwords on Windows 10/8.1/8/7

When you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can open Windows Settings > Wi-Fi > Manged Known Networks > and you will see different Wi-Fi Networks available and also the one you currently are connected to. The below step will guide you on how to Find WiFi Passwords on your computer using CMD.

Method 1: Using Command Prompt

1. On the Desktop of your Computer, Press and hold Windows + R (Run) Keys.

2. Now hover your mouse pointer there and tap on it.

3. Type “CMD” which means Command.

How to Find all Wi-Fi Passwords
CMD – iTech Viral

4. Now click “OK” or Tap your Enter Key on the Keyboard.

5. Now Command Prompt will be displayed.

Find WiFi Passwords
CMD Windows 10

6. Type this: netsh wlan show profile and hit Enter, the password profiles will be displayed.

Find WiFi Passwords
Command Prompt All user profile

7. To show the passwords of all profiles, type the following command – netsh wlan export profile folder=c:\ key=clear

Get WiFi Passwords Windows 10
Export Passwords and Profile – Find WiFi Passwords

8. Head to your Hard Disk (C Drive), you will see all the passwords in notepad format – .xml.

9. Look under Keymaterial, the Wi-Fi password will be seen in this format.

Find WiFi Passwords

10. Now collect the password and write them somewhere so you do not forget it again.

This is the best method to Find WiFi Passwords with one Command on CMD Windows. These commands are not dangerous, works well and nothing negative will happen. Now if you do not like this method and want to try the longer method, check out method 2 which works without the use of CMD, you make use of Windows normal settings.

Method 2: Without CMD

1. Search Control Panel on “Type here to search” Windows Bar.

Get WiFi Passwords Windows 10
Windows Control Panel – itechvral.com

2. Click on “Network and Internet“.

Get WiFi Passwords Network
Network and Internet status

3. Now Click “Network and Sharing Center“.

Wi-Fi passwords
Network sharing center Windows 10

4. The currently connected Network will be displayed, tap on Connections, this displays the Wi-Fi status.

Find Wireless Password WiFi
Find WiFi Passwords

5. Choose Wireless Properties > Security. You will see the Security Type, Encryption type and Network Security Key.

6. The administrator icon will be seen near the “Show Characters“, So Mark it to see the password.

Network security key
how to find your wifi passwords 2020

This is another cool method to Find WiFi Passwords of your previously connected Wi-Fi networks, it works on all Windows PC – 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10. For this method, it shows the WiFi password of only the current connected Network, but method one shows the history of all connected Networks. Method 2 which works with the control panel is best if you need the Wi-Fi key of the network your PC is connected to.

WiFi password Pc

Do you know you can even access the Network and Sharing Center from Windows Settings? When you right-click on the Wi-Fi icon on your Windows Desktop, you will see “Open Network and Internet settings”, when you do that, scroll down a bit and you will see Network and Sharing Center as the image above.

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You can now Find your forgotten Wi-Fi passwords easily using either CMD or Control Panel method, both methods show your connected WiFi passwords, but the command prompt is the best. Like I said earlier, using CMD helps you export your passwords and profiles, you can also get to see all previously connected Networks on your computer. These ways, you can find WiFi passwords on Windows 10 or less.

Command Prompt is very diverse and there can be other short commands to use and get Wi-Fi passwords from the computer, so if you know any other cool methods like these mentioned, kindly comment them or email me if you want. Make sure to bookmark us so you can get such updates daily, share and thanks for reading, see you in the next article.

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