Let’s admit it, we all have files to share with others, so using the best free file sharing websites available, you can share files such as documents, folders, application files, and game files. These sites don’t require registration, so they are very easy to use, though getting registered makes it possible to manage your shared files. So if you are looking for the best file sharing sites free this month, then we have shared the top 20 that you can use right now.

Not quite long, we talked about the best photo cloud storage apps for Android, most apps mentioned are also in this article, they not only host images, but you can host your files on the websites and also share them with others very easily. These file-sharing websites have few restrictions and this is usually based on the number of files allowed to be transferred on their server, so for this reason, most have a paid subscription fee.

File-sharing websites make it very possible for you to get your ideas online, when you upload your files on these sites, you will be given a unique link that when you share with your audience, they can access the information and make use of it easily. Also, file sharing websites are also good when you have important information to store, it can be safe there when you do not want to only keep it on your PC. I’ve mentioned a few not many know actually exist, so instead of repeating what’s already on the internet, I’ll show you some unique sites.

20 Free File Sharing Websites

So if you want to know which free file sharing sites are the best, then take a look at the best free file-sharing websites free to host your files like Jumpshare. Only a few actually have an application, so you can always check for it if available.

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#1. DataFileHost

File Sharing Websites

So DataFileHost remains my number one on the list and it is very underrated because not everyone knows how useful they are. The website contains no advertisements, it is neat and also user-friendly. Also, it does not require any registration, you just open the site and upload your file up to 500MB per file. You do not pay for your file to be hosted, it will be allowed on their server for at least 90 days after their last download, so if the files are still active with views, they can be up and running for over 3 years.

#2. DualPaste

File Sharing Websites

We decided to bring your attention to this website because it is very useful, though it is not a file sharing sites free. DualPaste gives you two options to paste your files when you host them on a website, you can either upload them and choose their encryption feature so anyone can access the file, or you can paste it with a password so the link does not get crawled and indexed. The site says their features are used often by programmers to store pieces of code.

#3. MediaFire

File Sharing Websites

MediaFire is very popular, you can share your files with them and it can be accessed when you share your link with the public. It offers 10GB of free storage for its free users when you register with them for free, but if you just want to upload your file, then you will be given just 1GB with them. They have a pro and business plan that is from $3.75 (1TB) – $40 (100TB) per monthly payment, but they offer you extra storage spaces of up to 40GB when you refer, follow them on social media, or install their app.

#4. Mega Nz

File Sharing Websites

Mega is a very reputable website that is used even by some companies to host essential files for its users. It has been designed around user-controlled end-to-end encryption, so your file’s information can never be intercepted. In other to use their services, you need to register with them, you will be given free 50GB of storage to upload and store your files. There are other paid plans with more storage and features starting from $4.99 to $29.99.

#5. Userscloud

File Sharing Websites

This is another best free file sharing websites to upload and host online. Userscloud is free to use, but they limit your file upload to 50MB+, also it will be deleted from their server after 30 days of it being inactive. So when you go for their paid plan, you get more storage space, and also downloading hosted files from them will not limit the download speed. The site is also organized, you can view your report information including the number of downloads your file has, your referral bonus, et. c

#6. TransferBigFiles

File Sharing Websites

TransferBigFiles can also store files for you, it can send and receive files that are even large for email attachments. The site doesn’t have any ads on it, so they grow through their paid plans available. Unlike the file sharing websites free we discussed so far, TransferBigFiles notifies you when your new user downloads your file, this serves as a great analytic tool for you to know the active hours of your file. They allow you to upload a maximum of 30MB for free, and give you 20GB when you purchase their premium plan starting from $8 – $45.

#7. 4Shared

File Sharing Websites

This is not just a file sharing site, this is a database of files shared on their website so far. You can store and share your files easily with anyone, also you can search for music, files, apps and games, images, books, and videos stored by other people for free. Their app can be accessed on all gadgets, the Android users, iOS users, Windows PC users, macOS users, and also on the Huawei app gallery. 4Shared allows you to upload up to 2GB of free files each, their premium plan starting from $6.50 – $9.95 per month gives you more features like encrypted files, a 100GB limit, and more storage.

#8. Transfer Now

File Sharing Websites

This is another file-sharing site that can host any type of file online. As a guest user, you are limited to 4GB of storage space, while when you upgrade you get up to 20GB of disk space. If you wish to send a file to anyone via email, then you can use Transfer Now because it has an option that lets you send emails alongside your file with a generated link, it shows the email you want to share it too and other email features. Also, you can drag and drop your files from your phone or computer easily to the website.

#9. Uploaded

File Sharing Websites

Uploaded is another top best file sharing website to share photos, videos, files, and media online. They allow you to upload up to 30GB per day, with a maximum limit of 500GB for their premium plan. Their free plan gives you 5GB for 6 months, while as a free user, you cannot upload but only download until you register with them. Their features include FTP upload, remote upload, password-secured file, download commission, backups, etc.

#10. Google One

File Sharing Websites

Who doesn’t know Google Drive? It is one of the most used free file sharing websites online. While other sites give you 5-10GB storage, Google offers you 15GB free storage space. Their paid plan is also the cheapest you can see anywhere, imagine paying $10 for 100GB storage yearly and still getting access to Google experts, options to add your relatives to share the same storage, and also get other benefits. My Drive is also linked to Google docs, sheets, forms, maps, etc. Your files are not deleted, it remains there as long as your Google account complies with their policies.

#11. SkyDrive (OneDrive)

File Sharing Websites

Microsoft OneDrive which was re-branded from SkyDrive a few years ago is another top file sharing website to host your data. They have a premium package called Microsoft 365 Personal which gives you 1TB monthly for $5, you get to lock your shared links, set up an expiration date for it, scan for ransomware, and lots more. You can still get their free plan, it gives you 5GB storage space which comes off too small when compared to Google Drive, but you are given a cool feature like a personal vault for free.

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#12. Box

File Sharing Websites

The box is a secure file sharing website that has gained trust from leading organizations like Allstate and Broadcom. They give you free 10GB storage space to upload your files, while the upload size for each file is limited to 250MB, so this is probably why you haven’t heard about them until today. In other to get more storage space and lift the file uploaded limitations, they have a Personal pro plan that gives you 100GB storage and 5GB file upload for $10 monthly.

#13. Zippyshare

File Sharing Websites

Zippyshare is a free-no ads website that allows file uploads of up to 500MB per file, you get unlimited disk space to upload any type of file you want, out of the best file sharing websites free online, only this site gives you unlimited storage space, and no signups are required. Also, files can be uploaded privately, you can also manage it by signing up on their website, that’s a new feature. Since April 2018, they have not made any press release on their blog, hopeful the next release will be good news, and not bad.

#14. Dropbox

File Sharing Websites

Dropbox is one of the most popular document-sharing websites to upload your documents or applications too. They have a basic, plus, and professional plan; the free plan gives your 2GB to store your files, while the plus and pro plans start from $9.99 – $16.58 per month with more storage space. You can back up your files using their sync features, so you have no fear of losing access to your uploaded documents. Before you can upload, you need to register with them and log in to your account, this makes it possible for you to manage your uploads by deleting them.

#15. HighTail

File Sharing Websites

Well, HighTail is a website for sharing small files online since their upload limit is 100MB for their free plan. Their lite free plan gives you a maximum of 2GB storage space to store all your files with them online. It is one of the best free file sharing websites to store are types of files without registration, except if you want more storage space then their premium plan starts from $12 – $36 monthly. These plans give you unlimited storage and also let you upload files of up to 500GB, you can also password your files to restrict access.

#16. Sendthisfile

File Sharing Websites

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This is an old and reputable file-sharing site that was founded in 2003 since then they have been very useful to many and users have hosted their files with them. They help you send files that are too large for your email provider to handle easily. They do not have a free plan, but you are given 15 days of Professional Plan Features without signup obligation, unlimited file size limits, end-to-end encryption, and no credit card required. Their plan starts from $4.95 – $99.95 per month, though this might seem too expensive, it is worth it especially when you need it for website integration.

#17. FilestoFriends

File Sharing Websites

The is a growing file sharing website free that allows you to share your uploaded files with anyone, it also serves as a cloud backup site to store your information. It is focused on sending big files via email to your friends, so there is a compose section on their site where you need also to put the receipt email. 1GB is their upload limit, and you are given 5GB maximum storage for your account, what makes them one of the best is your files don’t expire, it remains there as long as you keep your account online.

#18. Amazon Photo Storage

File Sharing Websites

Amazon Photo Storage only allows the uploading of photos & videos with an account created with them. With the aim of keeping your photo memories safe online, you are given free 5GB storage for pictures and video files. To get a 100GB upload limit, they have a paid plan starting at $1.99 per month, while the 1 TB plan goes for $6.99/month. However, you cannot share paid storage plans with additional members, but the Prime members (Free) can share their 5 GB with family members.

#19. File Dropper

File Sharing Websites

You can upload files on this website without account creation, it is one of the best file sharing websites for free and it gives you 5GB max file upload. When you upload the file, you can copy and share your referral link without anyone so they can get access to it as well. Their paid plan starts at $0.99 – $10 per month, their highest plan gives you 250GB of storage space. It is very secure and encrypts your shared file so no one can access it.

#20. Filemail

File Sharing Websites

It’s quite obvious looking at the name that this has a mail system that allows you to upload your files for free. It is also one of the best free file sharing websites that give you the option to send your files by email or as a link. Their free plan gives you antivirus protection, while their pro plan to enterprise plan starts from $10 – $40.83 per month. Some of their key features include automated web integration, branding, and sub-domain, 2-factor data protection, etc.


So these are the best free file sharing sites to host your files online, these file sharing websites free will help you host your documents, apps, games, and folders so that even when you lose them locally, they can be recovered. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, you can follow our Facebook Page and also on Twitter for tech memes and cool tech topics.

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