Are you a streamer or viewer on Twitch? If yes, we’ll learn how to download Twitch video stream on your phone or computer. Twitch doesn’t leave your streamed videos online and accessible by you or your fans for more than two weeks except you are a Twitch partner which is possible by having millions of follower. So you’ll have to use other means to get it downloaded so you can still access it before it has been taken down on their server, that’s what you’ll learn today.

As a Twitch publisher, you might want to also diverse your followers to other social streaming platforms like YouTube, you know, just in case of a ban on Twitch. Most streamers will download their streamed Twitch videos, edit it and upload it on YouTube for their followers to view, so this is actually a huge benefit you’ll want to partake in, but you’ll need to know how to download Twitch videos for offline personal use.

How To Download Videos from Twitch

Well, not only are you learning how to download your own Twitch video streams but also you’ll see how to get other people’s stream before it expires. There’s an official method to download your streams, while there are unofficial apps available to download Twitch videos of other people.

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How to Download Twitch Videos of Yours?

So here is how to download your published Twitch videos stream easily, this is an official method, you do not need a third-party app for this.

  1. Open and login to your Twitch account.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu from the top right corner.
  3. Tap on the Settings option and wait for it to show the channel.
  4. Now click on the Channel and Video link.
  5. Locate the channel settings and tick ‘on Automatically archive my broadcasts’.
  6. Check the Video Manager option to see all your broadcasts, it also shows the thumbnails.
  7. So on the thumbnails, you’ll see a Download link, click it to get it downloaded.

How to Download Twitch Videos of Others?

There are many programs that let you download Twitch videos to the phone such as 4K Video Downloaded. But the best we’ll recommend is an app known as Twitch Leecher. This is a free program, it doesn’t require sign up or payment, it lets you download videos from Twitch easily. Why this is recommended is because the UI isn’t spammy, it looks nice, and though not encouraged by Twitch, it does the task for you.

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Twitch updates might have tried to stop such services from working, but Twitch Leecher keeps updating its program to meet up with the new developments, and thus, they work as intended. So let’s see how to download Twitch videos made by other people using this program.

  1. Get Twitch Leecher 1.8 app latest version here.
  2. Run the program as an Administrator to install successfully.
  3. Now open the program after it has been installed.
  4. Next, open any Twitch channel on your web browser.
  5. Copt the Twitch channel video URL.
  6. Head back to Twitch Leecher and paste the link
  7. Click download, choose the video format, and enjoy it.

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So this is how to download twitch videos that belongs to you, and also download other people Twitch videos as well. If you enjoyed following up with this tutorial, leave a comment below and don’t forget to share this post.

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