Tinder is a very popular dating application for Android and iOS devices, they also have their website that users can securely login and enjoy their services. There has been a known bug on the Android and iOS apps version that has not been fixed, Tinder keep crashing after some time especially on the iPhone device, this continues to be a problem. So on this article, we’ll guide you on how to fix the issue and also you’ll learn why Tinder keep crashing.

Tinder app crash happens differently for different devices like iPads, iPhones, and Android. The social media app has been around for years, it has gotten so much attention worldwide, many have found a great match from it. You might be surprised that since they have been around for a while, they should be able to fix the bug on their app, but that will not be easy.

On July 11th, 2020, Indiatimes reported of a recent crash on Tinder for the Apple users, this goes to show the crash is still not fixed, so some users keep complaining about the issue, but many were able to easily get it fixed themselves, so if Tinder keep crashing, our tutorial will guide you with 6 ways of fixing the bug.

Tinder App: Tinder Keep Crashing Fix on iPhone & Android

Tinder Keep Crashing

This occurs mostly on iOS devices than that of Android devices, but low-end Android smartphones are prone to facing lags and such bugs. So here I will briefly list and explain some best ways to get Tinder App up and running again.

#1. Compatibility

Well, if your device is not compatible with the Tinder App version installed on your phone, the app will keep crashing and bring other bugs overtime. So it is recommended you install the version compatible with your phone. How do you know if your device is meant to install the application, there is a filter for that, you’ll have to learn from others mistake if possible.

  • So tap on the review on the Tinder app on Google Play Store.
  • Next, filter the reviews based on your device model
  • There if you see reviews that are positive, it means it is compatible.
  • If you do not see reviews or there are poorly rated ones, it’s not compatible.

So this will mean that you should get a better device, low-end devices are not always tested by developers for compatibility. This also applies to the iOS Apple Store as well, so get the application and check reviews for your device model.

#2. RAM

As expected, RAM has to be one of the major cause if Tinder Keep crashing on your iPhone or Android device. Using a device that has little allocated RAM or a device with more than enough but it’s multitasking, then you will not be able to use the Tinder app efficiently. So what should you do?

  • Open the storage analysis on your iOS or Android device
  • Clear the background application from running
  • Remove any exception that always stick an app to run in the background.
  • Alternatively you should stop multitasking a lot of applications
  • Use the recent button to clear apps you aren’t using.

#3. Use official App & Update

If you are using a modified version of Tinder, then you might get some bugs on the application such as the app force closing or not responding. Few individuals uses a modded version of the app so they can get free credits for chatting, these kind of altered apps are not usually safe for the device, so it causes issues, so what should you do?

  • Open Apple Store or Play Store
  • Search for Tinder App
  • Uninstall your modded version and install the official

#4. System Update

Sometimes Tinder keep crashing if your iPhone or Android device has an update and then you left it outdated. It will be better to update to the latest version, most times new versions patches issues on the application. Also, your device overall system performance might be improved, OTA (Over-the-air) update might not come with major updates, sometimes security patch updates, but when there is little device update aimed at improving the device performance.

  • Make sure your device battery is not less than 80%
  • Now connect to a stable internet connection
  • Open you phone ‘settings’.
  • Then ‘About’.
  • Next open the ‘System update’.
  • Check for model device update.
  • If there is update, it will begin installing and will restart your device.

#5. Force Stop & Clear Cache

If Tinder keeps crashing, then you need to clear the Tinder app cache and also force stop the application. This works on many Applications and it is the first step to take when any app misbehaves.

  • Open your device settings
  • Select Tinder App from the settings – App Manager
  • Now you will see Force Stop, Clear Data, and Cache.
  • Clean the cache and force stop it.
  • Now this will slightly improve the app’s performace.

#6. Re-Install

Sometimes if after trying the most basic possible fix and an app keeps having issues, then you should consider re-installing the application even if you spent hours installing it and it is over 3GB, most times it is worth it.

  • Simply search for the game on Apple store or Play store
  • Click the uninstall button
  • Then after it has uninstalled, then install it again.

So this is all about how to stop Tinder app from crashing, if Tinder keep crashing, you already know the reasons as explained on this post. So share this article with others, and make sure to leave a comment below.

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