Windows 11 operating system comes with tons of interesting features such as the Live caption Windows 11 accessibility. When you enable live captions, you can read the text of audio on your videos, without installing any unofficial program on your computer. This Windows 11 caption is very similar to the one available on streaming sites, sometimes known as subtitles.

Customizing the live captions on Windows 11 is also a powerful option given to users, you can change the text colors, window color, background color, change font style, increase or decrease the opacity, and more. What more can you benefit from this feature? It might surprise you to know that this works offline, you are not required to download captions for your videos, and the Windows 11 OS is able to process the voice data on your device without cloud intervention.

Steps to Enable Live Captions on Windows 11

Now, carefully follow the step-by-step guide that will show you how to enable Live captions on Windows 11 PC. Our steps also include a detailed screenshot to guide you properly, so here we go.

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1. First of all, head to Windows 11 Settings from Windows 11 Start Menu.

Enable Live Captions on Windows 11

2. Next, click on the Accessibility tab, right above Privacy & Security.

Enable Live Captions on Windows 11

3. Scroll down a bit, and under the Hearing option, click on Captions.

Enable Live Captions on Windows 11

4. Now toggle on Captions with your mouse, or simply use Windows + CTRL + L key.

Finally, when you are playing any video on your Windows 11 computer, you will get to see Live Captions displaying text. This is how to enable Live captions on your system.

Steps to Customize Live Captions on Windows 11

After you have enabled Live caption on Windows 11, the next step is to customize the Live Captions style as you wish. So here is how you can customize Live Captions on Windows 11.

1. The first step is to head to your Windows 11 Settings.

2. Next, open the Accessibility tab as you did earlier.

3. Then, Captions should be opened once again.

4. This time, click on the Edit button under the Caption Style.

Enable Live Captions on Windows 11

5. Adjust the text color, font style, opacity, etc as you like.

Enable Live Captions on Windows 11

6. Before you apply the changes, use the live preview feature in the Theme Preview section to see what you will expect.

  1. So that is it! The steps above are how you can customize the live captions on Windows 11.

Live Captions on Windows 11 is a very useful feature, not many know about this despite a similar feature on the older versions of Windows with the name Closed Caption.

In conclusion, if you faced any problems while trying to enable Live Captions to display audio as text to customize the Live Captions on Windows 11, let us know, we will be privileged to assist you.

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