This post will teach you how to use Word document to compress images on your Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10 computer. You can compress images with Microsoft Word document very easy now, the need for having an internet connection to compress images online will be no more, Microsoft Word has so many features that are being unused, we’ll make use of one today.

Microsoft Office Suite is packed with many useful features, it comes with Microsoft Word which is the most popular word processing software available for the desktop operating systems. It has to be paid for users to get access to it, but you can always find the free version online.

Microsoft Word is lightweight, doesn’t need many resources of your computer and it supports more operating systems. It can be used not only for typewriting but also for compressing an image file. Compressed image reduces the size of the image and also does not lose its quality, this is very useful when you have to upload it to someone.

Compress Images With Microsoft Word Document

Actually, no photo editing tool is required to compress images on the desktop, you just need to make use of word document, sometimes it comes with pc inbuilt. So let’s see how to compress images in Microsoft Word document in 2020. It is able to work on both old versions a new Word document on Windows 10 computer.

#1. Launch Microsoft Word document on your computer.

#2. On the menu, select the ‘Insert’ tab and click on ‘Pictures’

Compress Images With Microsoft Word

#3. Choose from your Windows explorer the image file you wish to compress.

Compress Images With Microsoft Word

#4. After that, click on the ‘Compress Image’ option.

Compress Images With Microsoft Word

#5. There will be a popup with the image options, choose your picture quality.

#6. So it will bring the save as window, choose it as ‘web page‘.

Compress Images With Microsoft Word

So trace the path of where it was saved and open your image to see if the quality remains the same, also check properties to see the new size file.

Doing this, you will be able to compress images with Microsoft Word without using online tools or third party software that might likely contain threats like ransomware.

That’s the step by step tutorial, you now know how to compress images with Microsoft Word easily. At first glance it might seem advanced, but as you go through it’s featureless, you will be able to get an understanding of how it works.

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