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    Safe Way To Enable ‘Live Caption’ on Google Chrome Browser

    The latest method teaching you how to enable the Live Caption feature on Chrome browser. Get automatically generated on-video captions like YouTube.

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    Now, you will learn how to empty recycle bin on Windows PC automatically when you shutdown the computer. This is an easy process and...

    How To Change Taskbar Position In Windows 10

    Do you know you can change position of Taskbar in Windows 10 PC? If you change taskbar position on Windows 10, it will...

    How To Turn Off Chrome Auto Updates on Windows 10

    This post will teach you how to stop chrome auto updates on any Windows computer. I have shared two methods on how to disable...

    How To Show Missing Battery Icon on Windows 10 Taskbar

    If your Windows 10 Battery Icon keeps disappearing, then you are not alone, this is a problem that occurred on Windows 7 and still...

    How I Find My PC’s Serial Number With Command Prompt

    Here's how you can easily find the serial number of your Windows 10 PC/Laptop in 2020.

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