Google Chrome browser is the best browser for all platforms, it is very popular and used by many people. It is fast in loading web pages, offers lots of optimization settings, has customization, easily allows managing multiple accounts, downloading, etc. So what are some useful reasons to block the website with the Chrome browser?

There are many reasons you want to block a website with Chrome, most reasons are because of spammy websites sending annoying notifications, adult websites popping up randomly which loads on some websites background as ds, gambling websites, false information websites. Google Chrome doesn’t automatically block these websites, it is the user’s choice to block a website on Chrome, so there are few ways to block any website on the Chrome browser I have shared.

How to Block Website With Chrome (Without Extension)

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This article has a well-written tutorial on how to block websites on Google Chrome 2020. It also contains the best chrome extensions to block any website on the Google Chrome web browser.

#1. On Google Chrome, tap the Three dots button, click on ‘Settings’.

#2. On the left hand side click ‘Advanced’, then ‘System’.

#3. Tap on ‘Open your Computer’s Proxy Settings’.

#4. Under ‘Network & Internet Settings”, Tap “Wi-Fi”, then “Dial Up”.

#5. On the right of the screen you’ll see “Network and Sharing Center”, click it.

#6. The left down of the screen you’ll see “Internet Options”, click it.

#7. On the Menu tab, choose “Privacy” >, “Sites”, now Add or Block a website you want.

So that’s it, how to block website with chrome, you can easily unblock a website using the same method, works on Chromebook, etc.

How to Block a Website on Windows 10 (Using an Extension)

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Chrome Extension are very helpful, less in size than a software, this Chrome Integration will help you stay focused by blocking distracting sites. Block Site Extension will keep you away from harmful sites, so here is how you can make use of Block Site extension to block website on Chrome.

#1. Install Block Site Google Chrome extension from here on your Browser.

#2. There will be a popup, now click “Add Extension“.

#3. A Block Site icon will be added to the extension.

#4. Visit any site which you want to block, click the icon, you’ll see ‘Block This Site‘.

#5. After choosing the option, that website you just visited will be blocked.

#6. To undo the action, click on the ‘Edit block sites list’, those sites will then have a ‘minus’ icon beside it, so click it yo unblock the site.

So this is how you can easily use the Block Site Chrome extension to block a website from the Google Chrome browser. There are also some Chrome Extensions to block any websites on Chrome, so below, I have listed a few.

Using Google Chrome Extensions

1. Waste No Time

block website with chrome
Waste No Time

Here is an extension that works like its name, it increases your time spent on relevant tasks rather than on irrelevant websites. With its block features, you can select a website to block, and can also set an amount of time you should spend on them daily.

Price: Free

…More will be added to this list after testing more extensions, won’t take quite long.

So the above guide was all about how to block websites on google chrome. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.


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