Don’t get this post wrong, it is about the best vault apps to hide photos, videos, and generally any files stored on your android and iOS phone. These photo vault apps are safe and secure, they add a password to your gallery images and videos, no one will have access to your personal data again. In addition, there is no risk of losing them, you can always check them out when you access it again, you can import the photos and videos back to your phone’s gallery.

So what should you expect from the best apps to hide photos, videos, and other content such as contacts, games, social media text messages? There are only 10 best photo vault apps for android and iOS I recommend, these ones have totally security, there is no risk of users disabling the apps and they also have good reviews, so below contains the best you should have installed.

Best Photo Vault Apps For Android, iOS

The below best vault apps for Android and iOS phones have their official installation link, some are not available on both OS, so when you see it has not to be developed for your iPhone or Android device, move on to the next list.

#1. AppLock

Best Photo Vault Apps

AppLock is a very popular photo vault app for android and iOS devices, it not only gives you the option to lock your pictures, but you can also secure your videos, applications, files, and system apps like “settings” and “file manager”. If you are looking for the best vault app to lock your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp since they do not have lock settings except WhatsApp fingerprint lock, then you can reply on AppLock to secure your apps and photos.

Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free

Using this vault-app you will have no anxiety especially when you aren’t near your phone and your parents get access to it, your best friend or friends playing COD Mobile with your device mobile data without your consent, your little brother or sister unlocking your device and mistakenly deleted important data or even disabled your iPhone unintentionally. They have advanced protection which prevents your AppLock vault-app from being uninstalled. The app supports Android 4.0 and up and you can get it free and installed which is just 11MB in size.

#2. Secret Folder App Lock

Photo Valut Apps
Secret Folder App Lock

Here’s the most photo vault app for iOS (iPhones), this app hide all your private photos, videos, passwords, notes, and contacts! It then adds a pin on these private photos and videos so anyone trying to access it will see the password lock and cannot get your sensitive information. You can backup your hidden files and photos so in case you uninstall the app or anything goes wrong you can still see it again, and one final cool feature is the break-in reports, this shows you reports of attempts made to access your secret folder app locks.

Also, you can add custom album thumbnails which will convince the user not to bother opening the file, you can add photos that no one has interest one. Also if you do not want to use passcode which requires more time, you can use your iPhone touch ID to login very fast to your locked photo vault app. Sadly though the application is free to install, it is not really a free app as you cannot make use of it without paying for a renewable plan.

#3. Lock Password Manager safe App

Lock Password Manager

This photo vault app is available on iOS devices such as iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPads. This app hides your most important applications and photos added by you, the developer claims the app has been reviewed properly by Apple and it is very safe to install on iOS. Some added feature also includes the iOS touch ID, this helps you unlock your photo vault app and also the hidden photo of yours without having to always use a passcode.

‎Lock Password Manager safe App
‎Lock Password Manager safe App

If you are afraid of losing your locked photos, videos and files, this is the best Vault App to use which will make sure your data are easily backed up to the cloud and can be restored anytime, even when you change your iPhone. The app is 61MB is size, requires iOS 10.0 or later and fully supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

#4. AppLock – Fingerprint


AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker is a popular Photo Vault and Video app for Android users. AppLock can lock Social apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Tumblr, WeChat and so on which prevents anyone from prying on your most important messages which is very annoying.

Applock has many lock settings and features such as Pin lock, Gallery App Lock, custom themes, screen locks and more, but the most important is that it also features photo vault. This will ensure your gallery photos and videos are safe, no one can see them on your gallery, rather it will be on the passworded photo vault App for Android.

How To Use App Lock

  • Download and install the Transparent Pattern Lock.
  • Go in setting and enable the lock.
  • Set your pattern.
  • To unlock draw your pattern and you open the lock and see you home screen.

#5. Photo Vault Hide Photos Album

Photo Vault Hide Photos

Apple has several safe Photo Vault Apps for their OS, another of the best is Photo Vault Hide Photos Album app on Apple Store. This App also lock & hide your private Photos & Videos preventing unauthorized users from accessing your photos and videos. It has has other privacy features like private browser, many supported security – Alphanumeric lock, Pattern lock, Pin lock, Face ID.

‎Photo Vault Lock Photos Album
‎Photo Vault Lock Photos Album

In addition it also feature Break-in report which helps you know when an attempt was made to access your device, such apps also captures the user with the front camera. The application is free and supports even older iOS devices, you can check it out, it has many positive reviews on the apple store.

#6. Hide Pictures, Hide Photos & Videos

Hide Pictures

A cool private gallery vault app for Android phones in 2020 that still gets regular updates and fixes vault bugs and recovery issues on a newer Android device. Hide Pictures app moves all your private photos stored in a Vault Gallery and you can set up a fake crash dialog which will deceive the user into thinking the app actually stopped working. To ease data loss, the app has a backup to the cloud feature, this backup your locked photos and videos so it can be accessed on another phone easily and fast.

Hide Pictures & Videos - FotoX
Hide Pictures & Videos - FotoX

A feature i know you will like and i am definitely surprised on is the app’s sense of storing wrong login attempts on the app, it will record the login attempts failed, how useful can this be? This will help you create an even stronger password which many user never attempted before, no fear of password guessing which will then render the best photo vault app usefulness. It supports Android 4.1 and up, it also has millions of users worldwide, so it is worth the try.

#7. Photo Vault PRIVARY

Photo Vault PRIVARY

Photo Vault Privacy apps is available for Android, it can be used to protect your photos, videos and files, it has a very easy to use friendly UI. You private data will be protected with this Photo Vault App for free, no one can access them because you can lock it with fingerprint, pin or a pattern. Also this app esures it doesn’t get bypassword unlike some photo vault apps for Android and iOS which can easily get bypassword and all Pictures and videos can be seen.

PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault
PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault
Developer: fourchars
Price: Free

Privacy does not only lock your files. It brings multiple options to organize your files like creating folders, sort options and even drag and drop. An encrypted gallery that protects you against spying individuals and hackers. Also if your device shows frequently used apps, this Photo Vault App will hide it from being displayed, the app will also be hidden from Xender.

#8. Secret Photo Album – InCalc


InCalc is an iPhone photo vault app which disguises itself as a calculator application, even the icon is a calc icon. This app had a recent update which removed this icon due to Apple policy of not allowing apps change their icon to a calc. But the app still gives options to change the icon from their settings to a calc disguise, so you can still enjoy this feature for free.

Developer: 海斌 焦
Price: Free+

Some inCalc iPhone Photo Vault App includes touch and face id access, custom photo album covers, fake passcode, access to recently deleted folders which recovers deleted photos and videos, full-screen and slideshow views for photos and videos, and you can create an unlimited number of passcode. It is Free and just 94MB in size, it also supports iOS 10.0 and up.

#9. Hide Photo & Videos

Hide Photo

Hide Photo & Videos – Private Pictures Vault App is a good protection app for Android which encrypts your videos and photos so that no person will be able to see it. Importing of photos and videos from the gallery works very fine and you can restore it in case you want it to be on your phone’s gallery again.

Hide Photo & Videos - Vault
Hide Photo & Videos - Vault

What made me add this to be the best photo vault apps for Android and iOS is because it allows you to hide photos very fast and it is also secure. When you tap the plus icon after setting up your vault app, you can then tap any photo you will like to hide and then add it to the photo vault app, this will remove the images from your android gallery.

#10. Calc Box

best photo vault app ios android
Calc Box

Calc Box is an Android photo vault app which like other privacy apps has a hidden gallery vault. This app also supports importing of files, videos and photos from your SD Card to the Calc Box. The app icon is a calc icon, Google aren’t as strict as Apple to stop developers from using the icon, so when someone sees the app, they will think it is a calculator without knowing it is a vault app. They can open the app and they will see just a normal calc interface and it really does calc.

Calculator Photos Vault
Calculator Photos Vault
Developer: Donna Infotech
Price: Free

Just like some iOS best vault apps, this app has a fingerprint scanner and a fake force close dialog will hide the real lock screen. It automatically takes Intruder selfie when someone tries to break in your privacy by entering wrong password or pattern, and you also do not need to export back the photo to view them, but calc vault app has an inbuilt image and video player.

With such photo vault apps, you will have no worries securing your private pictures and videos again on Android and iOS. Kindly share this post and come back for more interesting topics like this, iTechviral is the name.

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