Slow Motion Video Apps For Android devices are very useful these days, they help you create a cool slow-mo video that you can upload on YouTube or on social media. Some device comes with this feature inbuilt, while some don’t offer slow Motion Video Editing, so if you need the best slow mo editing app that affects both the selfie and rear camera, then these camera apps discussed will help you fulfill your tasks.

What are some reasons you want to use free slow-motion video editing apps for android? Slow-motion videos get more attention, it also shows you the full effect of an event that happened on a scene. If you want to see a person’s reaction in slow motion or action that happened such as jumping on a swimming pool, the slow motion video apps list offers these features for free.

What do iTechviral mean by the best slow mo editing apps? These are android applications that support slow motion effect even on low-end devices since only most flagship phones have these features such as beauty camera effects from the box without the usage of slow motion camera apps. If your device camera is over 10MP, then these apps will work perfectly on your phone and will be smooth to record.

Slow Motion Camera Apps For Video Editing on Android

We are reviewing 10 of the best slow-motion video apps for Android that work as of 2021. These apps offer unique features which make them stand out, it will be your decision to choose which of them works best for you depending on what you need on such video editing applications.

1. Slow motion video FX

Slow Motion Apps for Android
Slow Motion Apps – FX

Since not everyone can afford to purchase an expensive device like iPhones which comes with in-built slow-motion camera effects, Bizo Mobile has developed the Slow Motion FX App for Android users so they can edit their videos and make them in slow motion for free. They offer users the option to also make their speech fast which makes your audio sound like a little mouse, also you can record objects falling such as spoons or seeds in slow mo which makes the video look cool and funny and other useful feature such as using the slow-motion effect to video your sports activities.

Slow motion video fast&slow mo
Slow motion video fast&slow mo

Slow motion video FX app has remained the best free slow motion video app since it’s launch and it has over 10 million users worldwide. Older Android versions like 4.2 can download and run this app on their device without issues, but remember as I said, you need to have a good selfie or camera device for the slow motion effect to video smoothly without bugs. When you launch their app you will see some examples of slo mo videos like slow motion hair flip, breakdance, and cat drinking.

2. Efectum

Slow Motion Camera Apps

Another best Slow Motion App that offers free video editing features that make your videos slow. Efectum doesn’t only offer slow mo effects, it also offers Reverse Cam and Fast Video on the same android application. Regardless of your device processor, they let you use their simple slow motion video app to slow down your video or record a live video with their app and edit it directly. Furthermore, you can add your favorite music to the video and also choose the video FPS, either 40 or 60, depending on your device.

Efectum lets you cut or trim your slow motion videos and offers you some interesting ideas to try with their application such as recording the slow motion conversations of your friends, when they are eating or dancing, falling down stuff in slow mo which is funny, throwing water balloons on the floor to see the bursting effects, weather changes such as rains, clouds or day and night changes which are used by climate companies. The App is regularly updated, but I will recommend you get the previous version because users are complaining about the latest having some bugs.

3. FX Motion

slow motion selfie app
FX Motion – slow motion video apps

FX Motion is another slow motion video app that helps you manipulate a video stored on your device with nice slow motion effects. They said with their app, you do not need to learn filmmaking online, rather their easy to use Android app will let you edit your video in slow motion, fast rewind your videos easily. Also, just like other best slow motion apps for Android, you can add your favorite music to your slow-motion video though they recommend using the in-built application music so you get the best audio quality.

FX Motion video gets saved on the (com.effect.slowmotion) folder path, if you want to see it on your device gallery, you will have to move the slow motion video. Also other cool features you can get in the app includes increasing the speed of your video and reversing your video. The app is free and has more positive reviews, but sadly, only android 5.0 and up can benefit from this android slow motion video app.

4. Video Speed

Slow motion video app
slow motion video apps

Don’t use the name of this app to judge its features, it does not only offer fast video but also slow motion effects for your videos. Video Speed App lets you create slow-motion videos and also preview it in fast or slow mo before saving it. Though the application is free, you will still need to pay to access some slow mo selfie or rare camera effects. This app allows you to select any of your pre-recorded videos from your phone’s gallery or you can use “Video Speed” app to record which is recommended for fast editing.

Video Speed Fast & Slow Motion
Video Speed Fast & Slow Motion

Furthermore, you can select many slow-motion android effects like -1.25x, -1.5x, -1.75x, -2x, -2.25, -2.50x, -2.75x, -3x, -3.25x, -3.5x, -3.75x, -4.0x and they support many popular video saving formats and adding formats which includes MP4, WMV, 3GP, AVI, MPG, M4V, MPEG4, MOV, MKV, WEBM, M2V. Also if you device has a good processor and ram, you can process videos very fast with he best quality output available. The app is just 13MB in size and it supports Android 4.1 and up, so you can use this slow motion video app on a low end device.

5. YouCut

slow motion apps for android
slow motion video apps

YouCut offers many video editing features like video trimming and merging, but since we are here for only slow motion video editing apps, we will focus on that feature. They let you edit your video in slow motion for free without a watermark or advertisement on your video editing studio. Beautiful movie style video filters and FX effects can be added to your videos if you use the free available ones, but to get other cool effects, they offer in-app purchases.

YouCut slow motion video app lets you increase or decrease your video speed from 0.5× to 2.0×, this lets you capture the fun and interesting moments on your video. These videos can be shared on social media like Facebook and Instagram without watermarks nor losing video quality on the slo mo video. Out of 5.0, the review is 4.8, so this shows there are no dangers of installing it, though they still haven’t reached 500k installs to know the impact of their slow motion camera app on other interested android users.

6. Slow Motion Video Camera

Slow motion video camera
Slow motion video camera

Again we are back to a standalone slow motion video app which lets you make your videos slow with effects. This Slow mo app for android also lets you add any music you want and there is no issue of copyrights, you can turn off surrounding sounds or enable it and also make your video fast. The slow motion Video will be recorded in the best quality available and you can add frames and more features on the slow motion video editing application.

Slow Motion Video Editor
Slow Motion Video Editor

The reviews are not too good and not too bad, it is based on what you want on the app, there are so many options yet to be added but it is still one of the best slow motion video apps because it supports lowend android devices, gets regularly updated to support more phones having bug issues and it is free to use. The app doesn’t consume much of your internal memory, it is just 35MB in size, check it out on Google Store.

7. Video Editor

Free Slow Motion Video Apps
Video Editor

This is a well-known video editing app but lets only talk about its slow motion editing feature on android. This app has slow motion effects which let you change the speed of your video such as slow or fast effects. You can adjust and control the speed of every video clip using their Fast motion/slow motion video editing app to make a funny and creative original video. The videos are recorded in high quality, but this takes a lot of rams and internal memory, so choose the lowest if you are managing your android storage.

Video Editor - Video Maker
Video Editor - Video Maker

Video Editor is a free application and their in-app items are cheaper compared to other free slow motion video apps for android. Sadly, the developers stopped updating their app since 2019 and this made some android versions like 9.0 – 10 crash when launched. But it still is one of the best Slow motion Camera App which slows down your selfie camera and primary cameras.

8. Slow Motion Video Maker

Slow motion video apps
Slow Motion Video Maker

If you want to know how to make a normal video slow motion then you should use this slow motion camera app on your android phone. This app has many features such as making your video slow, increasing its speed which is known as fast motion, also reverse video editing and video loop. This slow motion app for android offers interesting effects on your slow mo videos and the quality remains the best.

In addition, their app is very user friendly, it is easy to use and they do not restrict you to using their apps to make slow motion videos, rather you can import any video from your gallery to the app and then use their free effects to increase the speed of your video or most importantly slow the video speed. It gets updated regularly to support more devices and fix issues like app crash, the app supports android 4.4 and up, it also is just 24MB in size.

9. iCLOO!

slow motion video apps
iCLOO! Slo Mo Camera app

iCLOO! – sports video analysis and editor is best used on sports videos to make it slow motion. iCLOO supports jog-wheel playback, multi-speed, and reverse playback videos. This Slow Motion camera app is a great tool for checking your golf swing, dance or yoga moves. You can edit the video by adding special effects like blur, text and stickers, the slow mo videos on your android device can also be shared on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter for free.

iCLOO! - sports video analysis
iCLOO! - sports video analysis
Developer: BrainKeys
Price: Free
Developer: brainkeys
Price: Free+

Slo Mo video recording doesn’t have any limit, you can record as much as your phone internal memory or battery can carry. This app also allows audio external audio recording and it doesn’t loss its quality, you can also zoom videos during recording, and access drawing tools such as lines, protractors, rectangles, and circles. The developers also said you should have enough storage space to make use of this slow motion camera app on android, I’ve shared their iOS (iPhone) app too.

10. Lapse It

slow motion camera apps
Lapse It

Just as importantly, Lapse It is one of the oldest slow motion video editing apps for android since 2014. It also had an award for capturing amazing time-lapse and stop motion on android fast and got featured on serval sites. It’s innovative idea lead to the creation of today’s best slow motion apps which we have discussed. This app is used by many Android users, even 2.2 get to use the app for slow mo editing.

Lapse It has both free and pro versions, but it stopped working on most new Android devices, this is expected because it has not been updated since 2014 and will not support higher versions like 8.0 or 10. If you aren’t new to slow motion editing apps, then you should use this app, it is advanced, and not many know its full functionalities.


These are the 10 best slow motion video apps for android, they all have different features that make them unique, these apps will help you record and edit your videos in slow motion. If you enjoyed this article, kindly share and follow us on Telegram for our updates.

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