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11 Best Secure Email Apps For Android Phones (Free)

Email Apps For Android Phones

Looking for the best secure email apps for Android phones you can use and manage your email messages? There are many email apps that offer free services and don’t restrict you to some features like having a professional email. So if you need the 11 best email apps you can use on android with a professional email like (@itechviral.com), then these well-researched articles will help you choose wisely.

Email apps help you easily communicate with your business partners, families, and friends. It is very easy to compose a message, add images or documents, and send it. Emails are very useful when you apply for a job, these are where important updates are sent and you can easily reply to them. Emails are still relevant today despite the fact there are other means of communication like social media, but without emails, it will be hard to register on online websites or schools.

Some use Temporary Mail Apps which are not secure, so we all need a secure email app that will help keep all your messages safe without it being leaked to the wrong hands. Not only do we all need that, but we also need the free best email app for android phone that doesn’t charge us for sent messages or monthly usage, but rather even offers professional email we can use for our businesses. So below are the 11 best email apps that are safe and secure on android for free.

Best Email Apps For Android (2020 Update)

Some listed best email apps are also available on the Apple iOS store, so if you also have an iPhone and need these Email Android apps, you can search them online, but iTechviral will have a stand-alone post reviewing it soon.

#1. Yandex.Mail

Best email apps android
Yandex Mail App – @yandex.com

Can you believe when researching for this article I didn’t see Yandex.Mail listed among the top 5 best email apps for android? It is even more secure than some out there, it also lets you create an unlimited professional email without paying, unlike some hosting providers who charge for this service. This Russia app also gets cool updates frequently, they have a dark mode, have fingerprint sign-in option, label your email lists, and add signatures on any added accounts of yours.

Developer: Yandex Apps
Price: Free+

Yandex Mail also is fast in delivering notifications when you receive a new email message, you can choose the sound you want when a new message is received even on your free custom email. So I recommend you use this secure email app because it is reliable and free, it has tons of user interface updates and supports many android devices without a crash.

#2. Mail.ru

secure email apps for android
Mail.ru – @mail.ru

Here’s another best email app that is secure and offers interesting features on android phones. This app also lets you easily link to your email providers such as Yandex, Mail.ru, Yandex, Gmail, Yahoo, and other mailboxes supported on the app. It is a secure email app, you can send messages and receive without delay, also your push notifications can be adjusted by you, it has a spam detecting system which automatically detects spam messages and moves it to the spam folder.

Mail.ru - Email App
Mail.ru - Email App
Developer: Mail.Ru Group
Price: Free

Even if you log in to the Mail Ru app via other platforms or systems, your messages and changes will still remain intact due to their full synchronization feature. The email android phone app is very appealing and nice to use, the interface is user friendly and it offers free features. It has over 50 million installs so this shows it is a good application, so you can get it for free and manage your inbox.

#3. Microsoft Outlook

best email apps for android
Microsoft Outlook – @outlook.com

Microsoft owned email app for android is another secure email app you should have installed on your android phone. All your saved calendar events and files are synced even on your Microsoft Windows computer. Microsoft outlook app is the best email app you can get that is free that lets you can communicate with clients, family, and friends. It also gets updated on the android and windows OS regularly, so you can get the app on your phone.

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
Price: Free

Furthermore, this app also has an in-built dark mode/night mode effect even if your android phone doesn’t yet have that feature. This app is very good for making appointments, you can add a reminder on an email message and get notified when it is time so you do not miss the event. It is a large application and this is so because of the features it has on an email app which are calender, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

#4. Gmail

Best Email Apps Secure
Gmail – @gmail.com

Obviously, this had to be mentioned, but I know you are here for Google Gmail alternatives so I mentioned the best first before Gmail. This app is known and used more than any other email services, it can be used for free and doesn’t display advertisement on your messages. This is one of the best email apps for android, it is secure because your number will need to be accessed for you to lose your account, but you can add their two-factor authentication so you do not lose access to your account.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Gmail is not being used by professionals unlike before, they give you just 15GB of storage to store your emails whereas Yandex mail offers you unlimited emails and free professional emails if you have a website you can link it with. But Gmail still remains the most popular and secure and that is why they have over a billion installs. Their app is free and doesn’t consume your android phone’s internal memory.

#5. Yahoo Mail

email app android
Yahoo Mail – @yahoo.com

Yahoo Mail is still being used, if you notice emails used these days, you notice it is mostly Google and Yahoo. This secure email mail app is the best email app to organize your Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, AT&T, and Yahoo mailboxes. They not only let you use their Mail, but you can also make use of other email providers like AOL, AT&T, and Outlook. This mail is still one of the best email apps relevant to many because they have a one-tap unsubscribe button which lets you stop receiving messages from spammers who didn’t add an unsubscribe button.

Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free+

Yahoo Mail gives you a massive 1TB memory to store your messages, upload files and documents, and save drafts. They also feature colorful themes, you can resize the text too big or small, there is a voice reader that reads out your emails if you activated it and the newly added accessibility will help you navigate through the options and you can get what you need fast. The app is optimized for android phones with 5.0 versions and higher, though some android 10 users faced app crash, it still is one of the best email apps today.

#6. ProtonMail

best email apps android
ProtonMail – @protonmail.com

ProtonMail is another best email app for android, it is the world’s largest encrypted email service with millions of users. This email app ensure your emails stay private and cannot be intercepted or disclosed to third parties, it is End-to-end encryption and OpenPGP compatible, all messages are stored in encrypted format—not even ProtonMail can read your messages, it is free and open source.

With the ProtonMail app, you can create a new protonmail.com email address with automatic PGP key creation and management, send and receive encrypted emails and attachments automatically, set timers for messages to self-destruct after sending, quickly organize emails with customizable swipe gestures and labels, get a push notification of new emails and end password protected encrypted emails to none-ProtonMail email addresses. The App is 76MB and supports Android 5.0 and up, it is a secure email you should also try.

#7. Email – Lightning Fast

best secure email app
Email – Lightning Fast

Email by Edison is another best email app which is simplified, customizable inbox experience that allows you to manage unlimited email accounts in a seamless way! Get emails faster, block spam, and never see an ad clogging up your inbox again. This email app lets you log in simultaneously on popular mail services like Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, MS Exchange, IMAP, Alto, Gmail, iCloud, Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and more.

There is an auto-correct feature, undo send, and smart reply options which make your email text have fewer mistakes. A full search engine in your phone that allows you to search through all your folders quickly and seamlessly, Personalize sound and vibration settings. Only get alerted for the mail you care to see. Email lighting fast is free and 76MB in size, it supports android 5.0 and up.

#8. Samsung Email

best email apps
Samsung Email

Samsung Email enables users to manage multiple personal and business email accounts seamlessly. Samsung Email also offers EAS integration for business, encryption using S/MIME to safeguard data and ease-of-use features such as insightful notifications, SPAM management. Furthermore, organizations can administer various policies as needed. They don’t yet have their own email service, but their app allows you to connect to google mail to login.

Samsung Email
Samsung Email

The app features POP3 and IMAP support for managing personal email accounts, exchange ActiveSync (EAS) integration for synchronizing Exchange Server-based business email, calendars, contacts, and tasks, encryption using S/MIME for secure email communication. This app is meant for Samsung users, but even at that not all Samsung phone can use this email app on android, you can get it to enjoy

#9. Email App by Readdle

email apps for android
Email App by Readdle – @readdle.com

Spark Email by Readdle is one of the best email apps for android, it comes with intelligent email prioritization, noise reduction, and the most advanced email tools, Spark is the best email cleaner at your disposal. Reach Inbox Zero for the first time. It bubbles important messages from real people straight to the top of your mailbox. Pin and reply to those, and batch archive the rest. There is a dark mode setting which you can access through Spark settings > Themes.

Spark mail reduces the noise by only notifying you about emails from people that you know. Reclaim your space for creativity and achieve peace of mind. You can also add multiple email accounts to Spark: Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, Exchange, iCloud, Outlook and more. Also you can write an email and save it as a template to be used later by your business team. The app is free but sadly it supports higher android versions like 7.0 and up.

#10. Email Blue Mail

email apps for android
Email Blue Mail

Blue Mail is yet another free universal and secure mail that has a beautiful design and capable of managing an unlimited number of mail accounts from various providers. Blue Mail allows for smart push notifications and group emailing while enabling personalization across multiple email accounts. Being ad-free, Blue Mail is the perfect replacement for your stock email app. It is one of the best email apps for android phones you can see on google store.

Email Blue Mail - Calendar
Email Blue Mail - Calendar
Developer: Blix Inc.
Price: Free

It features multiple best email apps providers like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, iCloud and Office 365, it also has support for IMAP, POP3 + Exchange (ActiveSync, EWS, Office 365) Auto Configuration syncing of multiple inboxes from all your providers is fast and it has integrated Calendar, allowing for the ability to access your Calendar events right within Blue Mail. This secure email app for android phone has good reviews on google play and over 5 million installs, so you can check it out too.

#11. Email App for Any Mail

email apps android
Email App for Any Mail

This mail has a beautiful design, it is also fast in loading messages and it is a secure email app for android. This app main feature is to allow you to connect to all your other email providers like Outlook, Hotmail accounts, Microsoft Outlook, MSN Mail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, GMX, or any POP/ IMAP/ SMTP-enabled mailbox.

Email App for Any Mail
Email App for Any Mail
Developer: Craigpark Limited
Price: Free

You can add a timely custom push notifications for each individual email account, e.g. ‘Work’ email address set to ‘Do not Disturb’ mode from 21:00 to 7:00, it also has a user-friendly design which lets you choose if you want to Flag a message as spam, Delete just one or multiple emails at once or add a contact avatar. This app has massive downloads, it is successful and has many good reviews, you can also check it out.


These are the 10 best email apps for android phones which allows you to also manage multiple email providers and have access to unlimited storage space. If you have any other good email app not mentioned, let me know, thanks for reading and share ith friends.

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