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10 Best Clone Apps on Android (Duplicate Apps)

Best Clone Apps Android

Best Clone Apps on Android: No one can have an Android device without hearing of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Twitter except you are from North Korea. To be serious, social media apps are used by many today, even kids have Messenger for Kids android app that allows them to socialize with their friends. These apps [except Telegram] don’t allow you to create multiple users that will be logged in simultaneously, rather you need to log out and in to sign up for a new account. So we need the best clone apps for Android that allow you to run multiple accounts on the same device.

App Cloners helps duplicate an application so you can sign up or sign in to another account on the same device. So you can have two different Facebook and Instagram accounts signed in on the same phone, receive notifications and messages without any limitations on the account. For now, Telegram is one of the few social media apps that allows you to sign in to multiple accounts on the same device. Android has started implementing this feature known as ‘Dual Messenger‘ on devices like Galaxy Note 10. This allows supported apps (Kik, Facebook, etc) to provide a clone app feature for your device.

Fortunately, these best app cloners for android support a wide variety of devices, it also doesn’t get your account banned, and also you can get messages from it just as your regular app works. In other to clone apps on android, you do not require root access, you can see such applications on Google Playstore, so we’ve led you to the right place.

10 Best Clone Apps For Android

So, we have shared the best app cloners for android that allows you to run multiple accounts on the same device without having to sign out. The list has been randomized, not ranked from the top best, but they are the most recommended to archive getting a cloned version of installed apps.

#1. Clone App [by Arty Product]

Best Clone Apps Android

Here’s one of the best clone app on android that supports WhatsApp, and also Private & free VPN applications. This application has a unique feature as most apps do, it comes with a Dual Tunnel VPN connection feature that changes your location so when you sign in to a duplicate app, your IP doesn’t get recognized and then blacklisted for violating the policy of one account per user. At night it also automatically turns to dark mode, you get to choose a custom color for the application that is appealing to you.

#2. Clone app [by Jumobile]

Best Clone Apps Android

Here’s another app cloner for android that does just what it’s meant to do on any device. This app is able to clone apps for free, though you need to watch ads or pay $2 to create more than 1 clone application. Apps and games that the developer claims its support are WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Line, Hay Day, Clash of Clans. This app has a higher success rate to clone apps without app crash or account issues, so that’s why it’s one of the best. It has not been updated since June 4, 2019, so android 10 support isn’t a certainty.

Clone app - Run multiple accounts
Clone app - Run multiple accounts

#3. Multi Parallel

Best Clone Apps Android

Well, the list so far doesn’t really support unlimited multiple app cloning, so if you wanted more accounts, though no legal reason warrants having so many, then you can make use of the Multi Parallel android app. A notable feature is that you can clone any type of apps like games in case you want to have multiple accounts on a game in the game of a ban. It supports social media apps of 64bit and 32bit without crash issues. Customization of cloned app icon and label is very possible, and also you can backup your data (users have complained the latest version loses backed up data).

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#4. Dual Space

Best Clone Apps Android

Though this might really be a unique feature, the developer has guarantee compatibility with WhatsApp and that it won’t have any issue while using it on any device. It also supports other social media, but not really bug-free, but most importantly, data from the duplicated app and the original does not conflict. Furthermore, Dual Space comes with an inbuilt privacy zone feature that leaves no traces to your system, your clone data remains secured and your privacy is protected. This is a very popular application that is well-known as the next on the list.

#5. Super Clone

Best Clone Apps Android

It does what it promises, you can clone apps on android with one-click. It is one of the few apps that has full support for Android 10, so the crash issues will not be much on this app version. It lets you log in to multiple Google accounts on the same device, you do not need to sign out of one to get access to another, also these cloned apps don’t consume much battery life. There are app issues related to the cloned apps, so it is recommended you always update the original app on your device that is not virtual, and then removing the previously cloned app which is outdated before duplicating again.

#6. Parallel Space

Best Clone Apps Android

Parallel Space is a very popular application, almost every android user looking for an app cloner knows about this app. It is free to use, support multiple accounts of social networking apps and games that can be launched at the same time on one device. It is very efficient when you want to have a separate space for your work without it conflicting with your home apps. The package installer doesn’t detect cloned apps, it gets installed through the duplicate android app. The app is very easy to use, you need to select an app you want to clone to get access to it and other apps installed on your device.

#7. DO Multiple Accounts

Best Clone Apps Android

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So you can log in to any multiple messaging social apps or games on the same device with double accounts on android. It also has saved different data for both the original and cloned so they do not cause data corruption on accounts. You can receive messages and send simultaneously on both account, you can create custom icons and tags for the cloned account. The recent update brings support for Android 10, compatibility for more social media, and games like Clash of Clans.

#8. Water Clone

Best Clone Apps Android

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Water Clone has surpassed 1 million app users of all time, it lets you manage multiple accounts on the same device giving you a chance to create many Android game accounts and even liking to Google play Games for achievement access. Using the “Add” button, you can select any apps you want to make a dual account for, it has support for multiple languages with an app lock feature that prevents unauthorized access to your accounts on the dual storage space. This app is free to use but contains advertisements that are a way for the creators to earn.

#9. Dual Space Lite

Best Clone Apps Android

This is one of the best clone apps for android that supports gaming like PUBG, Free Fire if your account has been banned or you need to unlock an skin with the risk of using a VPN. This is a lightweight app, so it does not consume extra storage space together with your cloned apps on android. Cloning apps is very easy because of their simple user graphics interface, you easily switch between two cloned apps and use time simultaneously.

#10. 2Accounts

Best Clone Apps Android

Here’s the first best clone app on android that comes with support for the upcoming android 11, and also frequent updates on Google Play of the same category. You can clone apps like Google Maps, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, and other compatible apps. The rest of the features remains the same as a app cloner like storing data separately, locking apps from access without permission, an organized way to manage work and personal life.

2Accounts - Dual Space & Dual Apps
2Accounts - Dual Space & Dual Apps


So these were the best clone apps on android to manage and duplicate apps into multiple APK for free. If you have other apps that should be mentioned, don’t hesitate to let us know, we’ll gladly check them out. Here you can follow us on Pinterst @itechviral for exclusive pins.

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