There are just a few fingerprint scanner apps for accurate ID verification that works on your Windows 10 PC, these Biometric apps will ensure you get the most out of Windows 10. Unlocking your Laptop has become very easy, you do not need to type your password after turning it on, or each time the screen times out, you can simply use your mobile to unlock it or even bring your phone close to your PC to unlock the screen.

Windows 10 has features you aren’t aware of, Fingerprint scanner apps don’t need your PC to support Biometric just like some expensive laptops, and the only apps confirmed to work well is “Remote Fingerprint Unlock” and “Mi Blaze Unlock” which is on Microsoft Store. So below contains the review and how to use such apps to easily unlock your Windows 10 PCs.

Fingerprint Scanner Apps for Windows 10 PC

#1. Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Fingerprint Scanner Apps
Fingerprint Scanner Apps

It is the only app available on Google Play Android store which has the Windows PC unlock feature and that is why it has over 100k downloads. Remote Fingerprint Unlock currently supports only remote unlock of your Windows PC, in the future updates there will be lock feature. This app works perfectly on Android 6.0 and Up and it’s ‘Fingerprint Credential Provider module’ supports Windows Vista/7/8/10.

The module is needed on your Windows PC for the Biometric fingerprint scanner app to operate. So get it here and install it. You might want to check how to find all Wi-Fi Passwords on Windows PC.

How To Install & Use

The app has pro features and free, but we recommend getting the full features, it will really be helpful because you get the most of your Windows 10 and also the Android app. Here is how to use Remote Fingerprint Unlock app on Windows PCs

  1. Firstly, be sure that you have installed the Windows module found at the link above.
  2. Go to the Scan menu (making sure that your computer is on the logon screen) and pull to refresh (uses Wi-Fi) or press the add button and use the preferred method of unlocking.
  3. Select your computer and press Save.
  4. Now, go to the Accounts menu, tap the 3-dot menu button of the computer, and then Add Account. Enter the Windows account that you want to unlock. Use the displayed name exactly as on the lock screen (case sensitive, including the domain name if using domain account), together with the corresponding password. Scan your fingerprint and press Add.
  5. For PRO users: to select one of the added accounts as default, tap on the 3-dot menu button then select Set As Default.
  6. To configure a computer, tap on the 3-dot menu button of that computer.
  7. For PRO users: to enable Wake on Lan, go to the computer’s configuration menu and enable Send WoL Packet. Make sure the MAC address is correct!
  8. You’re now all set! Go to the Unlock menu and scan your fingerprint. You should now see your computer unlocked.

It is currently the best fingerprint scanner app for Windows PC, probably in the future, there will be competitors offering similar features. In case you want to protect your Android photo from unauthorized access, read this.

#2. Mi Blaze Unlock

Fingerprint Scanner Windows 10
Fingerprint Scanner Apps

Microsoft store is where this app can be found and surprisingly, it is free. Mi Blaze is only available in China, to get it in your region you have to change your region or get it installed directly. This app was made by Xiaomi and it was designed to unlock Windows PC with Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 phones, but you can get it working on any Android phone.

Mi Fit app for iOS or Android should be installed on your phones to get this unlock your Windows 10 PC, this Biometric fingerprint scanner doesn’t support the older operating system but only Win 10 latest. This app unlocks your device not with a fingerprint sensor but unlocks your device automatically when your device is near it and locks when you are away from your PC.

How To Install Mi Blaze & Use

This app works for iOS and Android, it can be seen on their official store for all regions, also both OS can lock and unlock your Windows 10 PC. See how to install and make use of it, it’s an easy tutorial.

  1. Firstly, make sure you download Mi Fit App for Android or iOS.
  2. Open the app and head to profile > Your Band > Lab and enable Unlock Mi NoteBook.
  3. To Add Windows Hello Pin, Head to Windows Account Settings and on Sign In Options, Add Hello Pin.
  4. To finally get Mi Blaze available on your Microsoft Store, go to Time and Language and change region to China.
  5. Open Microsoft Store and search Mi Blaze Unlock, install it.
  6. To use its advanced feature, open and tick the icon.
  7. Enable your phone Bluetooth and pair it via the Windows 10 app.
  8. After you’ve re-typed your Hello Pin, your device will lock and unlock automatically with your mobile.


The Mobile apps are very helpful, makes Windows 10 Pcs easier to use, these Biometric Fingerprint scanner apps are free and though there is a premium feature on the first, it is worth it. Also if you thought this post will about unlocking PC with mouse touchpad, it cannot be possible since all fingers can control the pointer.

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