Android 11 is the first operating system to come with this feature that allows users to automatically remove permissions for unused Android apps over a period of time. Some devices this feature is currently available on includes Samsung Galaxy S20, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Google’s Pixel device, and a few. This permission feature will be able to let you secure your Android device from information theft and keylogging apps, it will automatically revoke permissions for unused Android apps.

Some sensitive permissions available to apps when requested by them includes permission for Cameras, Files, Locations, Contacts, Sensors, e.t.c. Some applications you install on your smartphone might request access to these permissions, for example photo apps, it is able to access your private images saved on your device for the purposes it is needed for. So if you have such applications installed on your device, you can remove permission for automatically when you are on Android 11, this reduces the risk of apps from accessing your information when it has been exploited.

How to Automatically Remove Permissions for Unused Apps on Android

Remove Permissions For Android
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Android 11 disabled this feature automatically by default, so it will need to be enabled from your smartphone’s settings. So this guide provided will ensure you are able to enable the “auto revoke permission” feature for unused apps on Android.

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Note: Though Android 11 has cool features, Android has not made this remove permission feature come with a global button that allows you to automatically disable permissions, so you will need to manually enable this for all apps on your device. When the system has noticed you haven’t used an app for quite some time, then its Android permission will be automatically revoked.

Step 1: Make sure you are on the latest Android 11 OS.
(You can check devices to receive Android 11).

Step 2: Obviously, you need to open your phone ‘Settings‘.

Step 3: You will see ‘Apps and Notifications‘ options, open that.

Step 4: Select “Apps“, choose the application you want to automatically revoke it’s permission.

Step 5: Scroll down to locate the ‘Auto revoke permissions‘ options.

Step 6: Now, toggle it ‘On‘ since it is turned off by default.

Step 7: Use the toggle button to turn on the auto revoke permission feature for all app using same method.

So now, if any app on your device remains inactive for 30 days to 60 days, Android will automatically revoke all permission access to your device depending on what was given to the app such as contact access, camera access, file, media, sensors, and more.

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Well, we have come to the conclusion of the article, this is how you can remove permission from unused apps on Android automatically. I hope this article helped you Android 11 users, more Android 11 tips and tricks will be published, try and share this with techy geeks like you.

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