About Me

Now you are here to know about this cool blog right? Ohh it’s obvious, why ask that silly question… my bad!

iTech viral is a new website just launched a few months ago and it has already published a few articles already. We provide you with the best reviews and top list you will never see on any site. “Ohh here we go again, another website claiming to be the best“, I guess that’s your thought right now.

It’s not bad to think about that since there are many known websites in this niche already. But something makes us unique from others and here’s what we do differently;

When we review Top Lists or HowTos, we don’t just totally ignore what is already listed from other websites, instead, we research what users really want and then compile the lists in a unique way that the reader will feel satisfied and no need visiting other sites which aren’t different from other articles. Here’s what we mean by this.

We are here to help you all and we are more focused on your needs by providing you a well researched and fun to read articles and reviews like How-To’s, Tips and Tricks, Top List, and Hacking Guides in this industry. We make sure our utmost best and effort are put in place to provide quality articles which will be useful 10 years even after it has been written.

This platform is open to everyone who wants to teach and improve how technology is being used in this age. It can be Cyber news, Security awareness and many more related to Techs.

If you are interested in joining this mission and you are sure to be up to the task, then submit your application for review. It might be too late to join this wonderful blog when it has gotten good results, the time is ticking.