About Me

Jephthah Wisdom is the founder of iTech Viral website. He found iTech Viral on June 2019 with the Aim of being the number 1 source of Tech News, Tricks and Tips, Tutorials and Recommendations.

He is a bit Good in writing, but over the years, he has improved in his writing skills and has so much knowledge to share. iTech Viral doesn’t have any Co Founder, created and designed by him alone wasn’t easy, but here we are, Our First 5 Pillar Posts will definitely be a blast!

iTech Viral was inspired from these Tech Giants iTech Hacks, HowTechHacks and Tech Viral.Net. He has been a Fan of these 3 website for over a year now, they are inspiring to him with their Tech updates, working tutorials and Cyber/Tech News.

If you will like to Join iTech Viral to be part of the team before the website develops, you can now, it’s too early and there’s space. This is a Macro Blog and we are here to stay, there will be strict advertising, Seo optimization and all Pillar Posts contents wouldn’t be less than 7000 words with well researched articles, while we promise our inner contents wouldn’t be less than 700 words, no matter the news article written.

What are you waiting for! Bookmark this Blog and get ready for Top-Notch tutorials